Democracy In Britain

02 Dec

Well, the strike came and went and nothing changed, did it? Except for a couple of hundred million more added through lost production onto the national debt. Of course, one-off strikes are pretty futile gestures, mainly achieving only to let off a bit of steam and most importantly give the impression that union leaders are doing something to earn their couple of hundred grand. No, if you want to achieve something you have to do enough to provoke the police into injuring or killing someone or to deploy horses in Trafalgar Square …. that’s what did for Mrs T; that and a motley crew of back-stabbing Tory grandees.

Still, I bet the middle-classed masses are delighted that the old rates system survived, even though modern politics means the name has to be rebadged. I mean, Council Tax is a jolly good wheeze, enabling Councils to simultanously: – greatly increase the scope of their activities – pay their top executives several hundred grand each a year – consistently raise CT by more than inflation. Brilliant! – blame the government

As for Motormouth Universalis, I don’t know which is sillier; his words or the usual suspects’ hysterical braying and apparent belief that anything he has to say – apart from whether the latest Ferrari is worth bothering with – could possibly be important or interesting enough to occupy one’s brain for more than a few milliseconds. I certainly give him about as much attention off-piste as I did Gordon “I know how to ruin an economy” Brown. (BTW, where are Blair, Brown and Mandelscum? They are certainly keeping their heads down ……)

However, the brewing winter of pissed-offness does leave one with a rather weary deja vu. I mean, we’ve been there, done that. This is how it goes:

A) Labour surges into power after a long period of Tory rule by the end of which everyone is sick of the sight of them and needs a change – bit like the Mitchell Brothers in “Eastenders”. They don’t help themselves by allowing one lot of idiots to charge other idiots 1000GBP a go to ask a question in the HOC. But then, few of us are immune to idiocy.

B) During the campaign all kinds of lofty pledges and promises are made about abolishing child poverty, bringing in fairness, reorganising AGAIN the NHS, or introducing an economy based on “white-hot technology”. That was Harold Wilson…. RIP. Unfortunately, we young dreamers of the 60s who were swept away by all this socialist euphoria didn’t realize that all he meant was that they’d get in a new fridge to store the beer and sandwiches for their regular meetings with the union leaders. Of course, among all the pledges are not mentioned some of the ancillary baggage that will be inflicted on the country, such as uncontrolled immigration and so on, but then a manifesto can only be so many pages or nobody will read it and so you might just as well leave out the nasty bits. “You know it makes sense.”

C) Anyway – I digress – we are all surging along in this wonderful spirit of comradely Labour togetherness and for a while we manage to suppress all kinds of negative truths about human nature and especially economics and then suddenly we find the country has been bankrupted through a combination of overweening ambition to create a socialist utopia in which from Mr Pleb comes what he can do and to Mr Pleb is given what he needs by the few people actually earning. Naturally, as the Mr Plebs are constantly increasing in number AND what he CAN do is unstoppably eroded by crap education and being sucked into benefits-dependency while the actual workers producing anything decline through the tsunami of regulation and taxes the country eventually goes bankrupt, leaving us with just a giant tent on the Isle of Dogs to show for all our socialist dreams.

D) The voters eventually realize that carrying on this way will lead to the disappearance of their benefits – which contrary to plebian economics don’t grow on trees – and so vote the Tories back in to clean up the horrendous mess left by Labour. This party ditches its leader (better late than never of course) and the merry-go-round continues with from the outgoing destroyers of the economy a tirade of class-based off-slagging about toffs, bankers, rich-scum, capitalists, aristocratic spongers and so on while the incoming Augean-stable-cleanup gang tries to ignore this tsunami of hypocritical invective and starts the nasty process of putting the finances back on track. When this has been more or less achieved the plebs sense their moment and turn them out so that the aforementioned process of destroying the economy can be relaunched by a reinvigorated People’s Party with different slogans and faces but the same effect. This magnificently-circuitous process is called democracy.

And of course, it’s very hard for real socialists (whatever they are – but most often people leading comfortable suburban-based middle-class lives (near a nice school of course) won for themselves under capitalism) since voting Labour by no means gets you “socialism”, if that is – hilariously – what you want. No, voting Labour no longer gets you Clement Attlee, Ernie Bevin and so on, but either a load of cheapskate, smooth-talking, spin-ridden creeps like Blair and Mandelscum, or a blustering, blundering fool like Brown or even if things go really tits-up a total moron like Minibruder supported by Balls, for years the toadying bagman of Gordon Brown but now desperately and in vain trying to prove that he is not Brown Mark II.

But who else does a genuine “socialist” vote for? The Socialist Workers Party? Is their hour about to come? The Communist Party? Oh dear …….

Meanwhile, Sarkozy is trying to convince the French A) that he is not just the monkey to Merkel’s organ-grinder and B) that France should give up control of its finances to Brussels but that C) this does not mean any loss of sovereignty.

Good luck with that lot, mon vieux! Does he watch “Mission Impossible”? And Merkel is en route for another summit with the monkey, out of which a new Treaty may be born. WOW! I knew something was missing in my life …. That’s all for now; I hope the euro has not collapsed while I’ve been writing; things move so fast, one never knows. Who is next in line to be run by an ex ECB cum Goldman-Sachs crony? Belgium perhaps? Mind you, that`s about all they deserve.

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One response to “Democracy In Britain

  1. Tarig Anter

    December 2, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Let me look at strikes not only in Britain but also in Europe and the USA.
    In managing the economy in any country, people and their government have to choose between four distinctly different available paths. Let us define them clearly and in simple terms:

    Model A:
    Maximize production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: fast development; environmental degradation; materialistic corporatism.

    Model B:
    Maximize production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: wealth accumulation; social disparities; and international hostility.

    Model C:
    Low production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: sovereign debts; loss of independence; dysfunctional state.

    Model D:
    Low production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: slow development; low qualities; weak defenses.

    Only these models are demonstrated in all countries and the citizens can plainly know which way their country is going to, and argue with their governments the wisdom of their path.

    So now what do people want? Do they want to be crazy; greedy; irresponsible; or vulnerable?
    If people look deep inside their souls the answer will be definitely obvious.


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