24 Nov

“We must be at the heart of Europe, contrary to what some UKIP or Eurobashers in the Great United Kingdom think!”

What gave you the idea that those critical of the idiocy, greed and arrogance of the EU elite believe that the UK is “immune”? OR indeed that they don’t want to be “at the heart of Europe”?

Only a fool would believe that, and your comment is just one another in a long line of patronising insults. What “we” – collectively, it seems to me – want is a single market, open borders (as far as is compatible with avoiding being swamped by immigrants – the UK at over 70 million in a couple of decades), a number of common norms without having straight cucumbers shoved down our throats and ABOVE ALL retained national sovereignty. What we DON’T want is to be ruled from Brussels or Frankfurt and/or the endless bureaucracy of the French-Belgian-Luxembourg Bruxellian mindset.

As for a stronger, even unified Eurozone – well, if that is what the PLEBS want, fine, but the EU elite DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE PLEBS WANT; hence the absence of any proper consultation. This obsessive and insane rush towars a federal Europe is TOTALLY UNMANDATED: Boroso et al are UNELECTED OFFICIALS, yet to see them in action is to imagine they are ALREADY running Europe – or think they OR – more to the point – think they SHOULD.

Many people – such as me – are “Eurobashers” not because the idea wasn’t in principle worthwhile, but because it was introduced ON THE BASIS OF LIES and has been managed with  breathtaking arrogance and incompetence by both the EU elite AND the national leaders involved, including and especially France, now reduced to begging Germany  (and everyone else through the IMF run by its own lackey, a previously French Finance Minister) from the idiocy, arrogance and cowardice of its leaders – having not set a balanced budget for DECADES.

I hope this makes the position clear and that we might see a reduction in the level of insults, which – of course – the “sceptics” have always had to endure at the hands of the Great and Good who know best but who have ALWAYS BEEN WRONG. If you don’t believe this last point, LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE NOW. The EU and the eurozone leaders have brought Europe to its knees and to a point where it is a global laughing stock as well as a catastrophic and shambolic economic and political disaster.

As for your sarcasms about “Great” Britain, check out the history of 13 catastrophic years of Labour insanity during which not one single lasting reform of value was achieved. On the contrary, the country has been left massively in debt and with enormous problems – moral, social and economic.

PS Check out Switzerland – a country that minds its own business, frequently consults its people and has retained total economic and political independence (with its currency having been artificially limited to stop it rocketing through the roof since all the others are crap)  – AND is not paying a supra-national bunch of idiots FIFTY MILLION POUNDS A DAY TO TELL IT WHAT TO DO. A dose of Swiss would be fine; instead we have a daily overdose of Boringoso and van Rompostiltskin, both on THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS PER ANNUM, VASTLY reduced tax and VAST benefits. No thankyou.

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