Mario Monti

13 Nov

So, Signore Monti is to lead Italy ……..

A former EU Commissioner, he is also an international advisor to Goldman Sachs. This is the company said to have advised the Greeks on how to lie about their statistics in order to get into the euro; not that they needed to bother – any old gibberish was enough to “convince” the EU that they were meeting the criteria.

In addition, he has never been elected to any political post in Italy. Yes, that’s right: the leader of the eighth largest economy in the world has never been elected by anyone in his country.

Brilliant. What an odious little kleptomaniac and cronyist elite reigns in Europe.

Great democracy. No wonder the EU are pleased. Which will be the next country to get an ex-EU cum Goldman-Sachs Commissar? Greece and Italy are already in the bag ,,,,,,, I can’t wait till it’s Sarko’s turn …… does he realize he’s in quite a short queue?

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