Hating Europeans?

13 Nov

Hi Patrice

I don’t “hate Europeans”, and I think it is difficult to argue convincingly to the contrary! Here are some points relevant to this argument:

  • I am a European myself; contrary to popular belief and no doubt Sarkozy’s wishes, England is part of Europe.
  • My first wife was Spanish and I have three Anglo-Spanish daughters, one of whom works in Madrid.
  • My second wife is German and we have a ten-year-old boy born in France.
  • He is tri-lingual and now attends the Deutsch-Franzöisches Gymnasium in Freiburg, where we now live.
  • Previously we lived for 10 years in France, where we have many friends and still own a house.
  • My wife has two sons born in Germany but brought up in France, now grown up and living in Germany.
  • I worked as Director of Studies in a French postgrad school specialising in Asia.
  • Between us my wife and I speak 8 European languages.

In the light of that lot it would be very strange if I “hated” Europeans. No, what I DO hate is the EU elite and indeed many of the European political elite, especially the French version. France of course is the country where some 30% of the education budget is spent on the under 10% of elite grandes ecoles that the elite attend; so much for “egalite”. This political elite thinks it runs Europe and until now managed to drag along a guilt-ridden Germany in its wake. In recent months we have seen the Merkel-Sarkozy roadshow in meeting after meeting and a behaviour that indicates that the other eurozone countries – let alone the rest of the EU – are irrelevant to the Franco-German juggernaut.

I was also not impressed by Sarko’s reference to Brits as “living on an island means you don’t understand the continent.” As I noted in THIS post, we certainly understand the continent when called upon to rid it of fascism while its official government made peace with the Nazis and helped gather up Jews for Belsen.

So, my anger and indeed hatred is reserved mostly for the EU elite, a bunch of incompetent and unelected political cronies with stupefying arrogance, obsessed with pursuing their UNMANDATED agenda to create a European superstate. I regard the current EU elite set-up as corrupt and quasi-fascist. The peoples of Europe (AND of course their money) are treated with utter contempt in the pursuance of their self-appointed mission. The euro was a BIG part of this mission, and THEY HAVE REDUCED EUROPE TO A SHAMBLES, in alliance with feckless, incompetent governments who have overborrowed, including of course France, which hasn’t set a balanced budget since 1994. Soon after the euro was launched, France went above the 3% of GDP debt limit, one of the so-called eurozone “rules”. When challenged about this, a French govt spokesman said: “That rule was designed for little countries, not those like France.” LOOK WHAT SUCH ARROGANCE HAS BROUGHT US TO. I say “US”, but of course the EU and political elite responsible will not suffer overmuch; salaries and perks are maintained and you don’t even have to resign even if your actions bring Europe to its knees. Indeed, with a bit of luck you can even be named Prime Minister of a country that you have helped to ruin.

I had nothing against the euro per se, but the EU elite allowed its arrogance and obsession to override not only commonsense but also the advice of their own economists, who TOLD them that Greece would not survive in the eurozone. This catastrophic recklessness has achieved (unless Schaeble and Merkel were lying and do indeed put the whole of Germany’s economy and finances behind the failing dominoes) the very opposite of what they set out to do. Now we have Greeks calling the Germans “Nazis”; other countries now fearful of the power of Germany – “taking over Europe but without the panzers for a change”.

But it is WORSE than that. Greece BLATANTLY lied about its finances in order to get into the EU. I am a layman pleb, but it was obvious even to ME that there was NO WAY that Greece filled the criteria. Nevertheless, the EU let them in ANYWAY because of course the more countries there were, the more relentless the fiscal union one-state project would seem and therefore the more important the unelected morons running the EU.

Let’s be clear, Patrice: GREECE LIED and the EU KNEW THEY WERE LYING. Ergo, the EU was equally guilty, unbelievably reckless with OUR MONEY. These people work for US, Patrice, not for themselves. They – and also leaders not only like the idiot Berlusconi but also French leaders – have brought Europe to the brink of economic collapse. This wasn’t ME, nor YOU. THEY DID IT. But have you heard ONE SINGLE WORD OF APOLOGY? Have you heard of ONE SINGLE RESIGNATION AND EXPRESSION OF REGRET?

It is only NOW that Sarkozy says Greece should never have entered the euro. He is TEN YEARS OUT OF DATE. France’s humiliation vis-a-vis of Germany (Sarko having to do what he is told by Merkel) in this crisis is basically because the country is very much in debt. YOU didn’t do that; the SO-CLEVER GRANDE ECOLE POLITICIANS did it.

Look at Greece and Italy now! Both have had new leaders forced on them by the EU and Germany – this quasi-fascist “Groupe de Francfort”. What happened to democracy here? Monti has NEVER been elected by ANY SINGLE ITALIAN PLEB. He is an advisor to Goldman-Sachs and an ex EU Commissioner. Papademos, the Greek leader, was – as Director of the Bank of Greece at the time – responsible for preparing Greece’s entry into the EU. He KNEW the statistics were false. HE LIED, Patrice. He is partly responsible for MILLIONS of the plebs losing their money, their jobs, their savings: Despite this, he is now LEADER of this country in a move applauded by the EU. Papandreou had to go for planning a referendum. GOD FORBID!! The EU and the Franco-German axis had an apoplectic fit. “YOU CAN’T ASK THE PEOPLE.”

To repeat, the EU has lauded the appointment in Greece of a LIAR. It is UNBELIEVABLE. What happened to HONESTY in Brussels? Honesty? Tell me if the action of the ECB in buying rubbish Italian bonds is legal? Christine Lagarde herself has said it is NOT. So, more ILLEGAL activity at the heart of the euro. UNBELIEVABLE. Lagarde? She REALLY did well as French Finance minister, didn’t she? Now France is in horrendous debt and will certainly lose its AAA rating soon. Thanks Lagarde, but as a reward, instead of retiring to your country estate you can be Director of the IMF.

But she is just another crony of the self-appointing and rewarding elite on a merry-go-round of plum jobs and benefits. Take Mandelson:

  • He was kicked out of the British cabinet twice for dodgy practices, being “economical with the truth” or plain dishonest – whichever.
  • Instead of being forced to retire or get a proper job, he was – as a prominent crony – made an EU Commissioner, earning more than national leaders and with stupefying perks.
  • After a year or so, he RESIGNED – note the word RESIGNED – to go and help Labour lose the last election in Britain.
  • Fine – very noble ….. BUT, having been made a Lord, his Lordy salary was some GBP62,000 LESS than his salary as an EU Commissioner.
  • To compensate for this disastrous loss of income, the EU is paying him the balance of GBP62,000 for FOUR YEARS, despite the fact that he RESIGNED. I resigned my job in France to go and work in Africa, taking a substantial pay cut. No bastard compensated ME; It would have seemed preposterous to me if someone had. Do YOU know any employers in the real world where money has to be earned who would pay out like this? To me it is LEGALISED THEFT. But to the EU, our money is like confetti; always more where that came from.

I quote this as an example, but the EU is riddled with such venal “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” practices.

No, I don’t hate “Europeans”, but I do violently detest the EU elite, whose venality, arrogance and incompetence have ruined my OWN European dream. I believe in democracy, but the EU is violently anti-democratic.  Apart from Germany more or less eliminating Papandreou and Berlusconi, there’s the utter contempt for the PLEBS.

A) Don’t have a referendum; WE KNOW BEST        and

B) If you MUST have one, then you’ll keep having them till you get the answer right.

No thanks. Let the failing countries leave the euro, which they should never have been in in the first place. There’ll be chaos? There’s chaos already. Have you SEEN the riots in Greece? Just wait till they start in Italy, Spain and France. Youth unemployment in Europe? The EU and the eurozone have done REALLY well there, haven’t they? “Europe will collapse and lose half its industry.” (the stupefyingly-cretinous Borroso) It is ALREADY losing competitivity under the tsunami of EU regulations. Only Germany’s high-tech heavy industry still shines brightly.

No – good riddance to the euro and let’s hope soon that the plebs regain some degree of control of their countries. If not, you will see the rise and rise of the Far Right, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what this cretinous elite claims to want to end.

The elite of Europe has MASSIVELY betrayed the peoples.

No, I don’t “hate Europeans”, but I certainly hate SOME of them, and most are in Brussels.


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4 responses to “Hating Europeans?

  1. Sean O'Hare

    November 14, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I haven’t visited your blog for quite some time so I have no idea who Patrice is, but I have to say that this is about the most magnificent rant I have read on the subject of the EU elite for many a year. You can almost feel the venom spouting forth. Well done! I shall return more often.

  2. Patrice Ayme

    November 14, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    I know about your superlative European credentials. I would even dare say that your furia francese is even more French than your already superb and perfect French. I do not disagree with your anger, or even your hatred. I approve. And I do not disagree with your facts.

    But I do disagree with your semantics sometimes, and very strongly. After telling us a bunch of criminals are pulling the strings, you accuse “Greece”. No. The criminals, not “Greece”.

    You also fail to mention that Germany went over the 3%, same as France, same time as France, same reasoning as France, and obviously in concert with France. And also that the overall German debt (eighty something), is the same as the overall French debt (eighty something). rumors of German avarice are much exaggerated.

    So what comes out is that Germany is above the rest, which is not the case. Germany has done some very French things way better than France in the last ten years, as I point out in my last essay, and polls show the French are persuaded of that. However if the euro collapses, so will Germany. And anyway the euro is protective, the banks is where the gangrene is. And also the gang.

    We Europeans are all in this together, that is what I want you to say, feel, and think. I have written countless posts on the general subject, including the last one. We do have a Goldman Sachs problem, true. And that is the key. That Sarko is as sold to plutocracy as Obama, I have no doubt. May be more, but he is forced to be more crafty.

    Finding what the problem is (infeodation to banksters) is of the essence. We don’t want to do like the very transnational Hitler, and get all enraged against the wrong concepts.

  3. Chris Snuggs

    November 14, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Hello Patrice

    Obviously, “Greece” is shorthand for “the Greeks who have held and still hold power.” It is clearly a shorthand generalisation. I am very well aware that the plebs are not at fault, though SOME clearly are; no tax, pensions bequeathed to relatives, retiring at 50 and so on.

    Similarly re “France”, you are over 50 million and very few in the elite, which I consider to be as generally slimy as in many other countries. Among the rest, I have many friends, some of whom indeed feel EXACTLY the way I do about your elite.

    The Germans also have large debts, but the crucial difference is that they can AFFORD them. What they CAN’T afford is everone ELSE’S debts.

    I am European and I love Europe but not exclusively over other parts of the world or peoples. This “If the euro fails, Europe fails.” hysterical nonsense I find nauseating. Ten countries are not even in the euro. I don’t notice Switzerland failing. If the euro collapsed overnight the brief period of chaos would soon be followed by the reengaged pursuit of the oldest profession in the world, trading. WITHOUT the euro I see no need to lose the open borders, the single market or whatever. I am sick of this hysterial claptrap being pushed down our throats by the EU propaganda machine.

    Sarkozy was magnificent over Libya, but he made me very cross by his reference to the Brits not understanding Europe because we were an island. As far as I remember, France’s greatest hero Napoleon came from an island, and as I pointed out after his rather nasty comment to Cameron, we understood enough of the Continent to liberate it from fascism – twice.. I am also sick of seeing France and Germany run the EU as if nobody else mattered.

    The euro started on a tissue of lies. The new PM of Greece was Director of the Bank of Greece responsible for preparing Greece’s entry into the euro. He must have known all the stats were LIES. Don’t this lies make you FURIOUS? They do me. And now the Eu has got one of their own in as PM to clear up the mess.

    It isn’t only Goldman-Sachs – the whole European elite is a cosy cronyist club. What on earth is Lagarde doing as Director of the IMF? She didn’t do a lot for the finances of France as Finance Minister, did she? You fail as a politician at home, so you get sent on a vast salary to Brussels; Mme Cresson for one.

    Sorry – the whole thing has to be rooted out and we start again. It is rotten to the core and quasi fascist. Have you seen the rise of far right parties? No surprise to me, and provoked by the contempt the European elite has for the peoples.

  4. Patrice Ayme

    November 15, 2011 at 2:08 am

    Dear Chris: France is 66 million, and I do not know why you call me “you” when mentioning France. Although I do know French history very well, be it only because Francia generated Germania and post 1066 Anglia, that does not mean I say “we” about the French. Last time I was there, a few years back, my rights were not in any sense superior to that of the average German. I had an health situation and I found out that my rights were actually less than that of Africans!

    As I said, I do share your anger, but yours seems to me more directed to what seems than to what lays at the bottom. Do you know that Lagarde was head of the largest USSA (sorry about the typo, it came naturally, guess I will leave it…) law firm, based in CHICAGO. What does that tell you? Who is pulling the strings?

    Gold Man Sacks officers all over the leadership in USA and EU. What does that tell you? “Rooted out”, “started all over again”: now you sound like Robespierre!

    The collective hallucination is this. Neither Europe, as an Union, nor the euro, as a currency are a primary problem at this point. Instead, they are primarily protective. Those who think differently bolster the cause of Europe’s primary ailment. Plutocracy. Those who founded Europe, and especially its financial system thought that plutocracy, the so called “markets”, would bring honesty. Instead it brought overlordship by the basest instincts.

    At this very moment Germany, like Italy, has a primary surplus. I guess it was good to sell all these Porsche Cayennes to Greeks. Moreover the plutocratic speculators are not piling up on Germany 83% GDP debt, so Germany can afford to roll its debt, presently at 1.81%. At this very moment. If the euro collapsed, that moment would be over.

    So we are all in this together, and to say one wants to destroy it all, as the plutocrats want to do, is neither friendly, nor wise. The way of Pluto, that of the worst angels of our destiny, should be elected only as a last resort. But it seems to me many choices offer themselves before thermonuclear fire gets unleashed. Arresting all the plutocrats could be a good alternative.


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