06 Nov

The euro could have worked but not when run by a bunch of unelected ex-Maoist and second-rate political cronies, most of whom would totally seize up if asked to do a proper wealth-creating job in the real world.

Their own economists TOLD them it couldn’t work with Greece in it, yet they let the country in anyway even though everyone KNEW its financial statistics were based on LIES. For ten years Greece then pigged out on cheap loans provided by cretinous French banks and there was NO OVERSIGHT whatsoever by the EU. Within months of the EU launching France went over the 3% of GDP debt limit saying: “That rule was meant for small countries, not those like France.”

Add this utter – but utterly self-righteous – incompetence to a fanatical and anti-democratic obsession with creating a totally-unmandated European superstate, and the resulting shambles was only too inevitable.

Typically of the times and the mores of the EU elite, NOT ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBLE has either apologised or been in any way held accountable. On the contrary, they are still there in their 300,000€ per year sinecures pontificating about the need for MORE of the SAME, constantly issuing a serious of hysterically-doom-laden predictions when not actually snarling at the Anglo-Saxons with pernicious bile. (See Snarlkozy)

Sinecures? Nobody can tell me what van Rompo DOES all day nor what BENEFITS he has brought to Europe for his vast salary and 300,000,000€ palace in Brussels. Yes, you did read it right: THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS – not counting the furniture, art, marble tables and all that stuff designed to impress a visitor with the incumbent’s power and importance.

This has been a total disgrace and utter betrayal of the people of Europe. The very incompetents who bang on about the EU having “saved Europe from war” (no mention of NATO rescuing Europe from fascism and protecting it from the Soviet Union) are in fact those now responsible for creating deep and scarring divisions within Europe. You know this when you start hearing the word “Nazi” bandied about, or indeed when you hear people like me – who are basically highly europhile – so angry at what has been done.

Worst of all – and VERY dangerous – these people’s contempt for the people and for democracy itself is appalling. Are they BLIND to the rise of far-right parties in Europe? Look at the National Front in France, now very likely to emerge in second position after next year’s presidential election. Nothing showed this contempt more than the hysterical reaction to Papandreou’s attempt to hold a referendum. Of course, the plebs are FAR too stupid to vote correctly, whereas the elite are SO clever that everything must be left to them.


And the fanatical attempts to save the euro at all costs (OURS, not theirs) will inevitably mean a deep split within the EU between the eurozone and the rest. As Britain will in a few years be outvoted by the eurobloc on many issues – with the coming changes on majority voting added to the loss of any opt-outs we might have had – we are being sucked ever-deeper into this fanatical black hole of French bureaucracy and statist control. The Chinese must be laughing hysterically all the way to the bank.

Actually, this elite has got it wrong:

“If the euro fails; Europe succeeds.”

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