Europe’s Leaders

05 Nov


Snarlkozy has a go at the Brits

‘You come from an island, so maybe you don’t understand the subtleties of European construction,’ he snapped at BBC Newsnight’s economics editor Paul Mason.

After Sarko’s peevish rant at the insularity and incomprehension of the British I have decided to rename him Snarlkozy. As for our so-called incomprehension, I can assure him that my father understood only too well what might await him as he stormed up the beach at Normandy to liberate this nerdy little prick’s country while his country’s leaders in Vichy were collaborating with the Nazis to ship Jews off to Auschwitz..

So, our current leaders in Europe are:

– in Italy BurlesquePhoney, a perverted crook and clown to boot: “Everything is fine in Italy; the restaurants are full.”

– in France Snarlkozy, a frustrated Napoleon, eternally in a hissy fit because of his own country’s impotence and because that dratted German cow won’t do as she is told

– in Spain a socialist who has brought his country to its knees, the usual fate of nations electing a bleedin’ heart socialist who can’t add up (see Gordon Brown, history of)

– in Greece …. words fail me – almost ………. let’s see …. Ah yes, the only country on the planet with a worse goverrnment than Britain under Blair and Brown – that about sums it up

– in Portugal a Prime Minister who “left some things off the balance sheet”

Still, at least the Irish PM must be OK because he was – and still may be for all I know – the FOURTH-HIGHEST paid national leader in the world. Did you get your money’s worth over there?

– Belgium has no Prime Minister – aren’t they so lucky. Are they at least economising on his salary?

– and of course we have Cameron and Clegg-oh-dearo

… all backed up by those stupendous entrepreneurs and fanatical democrats Boringoso, Van Rumpelstiltskin and Ashton etc.

What exactly did we do to deserve that lot?


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