It’s the Politicians, Stupid ….

01 Nov

“But would anyone seriously argue that a plebiscite is an appropriate way to decide policy in the midst of all the pain, anger and fear of a  raging economic crisis?”

YES. Anyone who trusts the elite of Europe, either the leaders or the EU, is a raving lunatic, given where they have landed us up. I trust the PEOPLE. And if the people vote unwisely, then at least they are responsible for their own fate, rather than a load of two-bit venal and incompetent shysters. You only have to look at Berlusconi, Boringoso, van Rumpy, Sarko and whichever lunatics have been leading Ireland (the fourth highest-paid PM in the WORLD), Greece, Portugal (“Some things were left off the balance sheet.“) and Spain (“YIPPEE!!! We’re socialists; we can print, borrow and spend money as if there’s no tomorrow in the sure knowledge that Germany will pay.”) for the last decade to realize that my 95 year-old Gran could do better.

NOW Sarko is saying Greece should never have been let into the euro!!! NOW!!!! TEN YEARS TOO LATE!!!! And you want me to trust this pillock?

The political elite of Europe has totally and utterly failed their peoples, with almost NO exceptions. See Gordon Brown and his insane spending …… OH, have you heard any apologies? Any sackings? Resignations? No, I thought not. Neither have I.

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