Questions for the sad, lonely Cleggo

30 Oct

Some questions Cleggo should ask himself:

A) Does Cleggo really want to live in a European superstate run from Brussels?

B) Has he heard of Switzerland, for example? Lots of votes, totally independent etc etc? Surely that’s quite “liberal”?

C) Does he fall for this lunatic “Without the EU you are doomed and there will be war.” rubbish?

D) Does he REALLY think we need a plethora of Presidents, each costing a fortune? Ashton? ditto – SIX BILLION EUROS on a “diplomatic service”?

E) Does he think we have any influence NOW, supposedly “at the heart” of the EU except for not being in the euro? The EU is run by Germany and France, always has been and always will be.

F) Does he WISH we were in the euro?

G) Does he think that EU policies are making the EU countries more competitive?

H) Is he happy with the increasing loss of independence. In future, all countries will apparently have a German inspector to make sure they are not overspending. I am not sure if Sarko has really internalised this …..

I) Have the Lib-Dems any relevance whatsoever?

J) Does he realize the extent to which he is out of touch?

K) HAs he had a serious fall recently – on his head I mean?

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