27 Oct

Sorry – it’s idiotic.

A) You cannot blame the Germans for ANYTHING AT ALL. When the euro was launched, they were PROMISED they would NEVER have to bail any country out; this was the ONLY way to get them to give up the Deutschmark.

B) Every other country has saddled itself with debt it CANNOT PAY. Why the HELL should Germany put itself into the SAME position to bail out the idle and useless, lying and fraudulent countries that are responsible for this shambles?

C) France hasn’t had a balanced budget since 1994 I believe. How the HELL can you run a country like that? Do they think money grows on trees? Apparently, yes. Germany DOESN’T and until this lunatic Franco-Greek-Portuguese-Irish-Italian mindset is totally exorcised this fiasco will go on for ever and bring Germany down, too if it agrees to play this idiotic game.

Countries such as Italy, Greece et al where cheating, lying and corruption including an absence of proper tax-collecting are endemic and indeed culturally-embedded will NEVER put their behaviour right until they are FORCED TO. A bailout simply keeps this shambolic roundabout spinning. NOTE, THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT – lie, cheat, allow their rich to put their money in Switzerland and so on if they like – but NOT at someone ELSE’S expense.

D) Germany has its OWN debt problems. After paying TRILLIONS to bring East Germany up to speed and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of development aid to the feckless, idle shysters of Greece, Portugal et al through being “good Europeans”, THEY HAVE DONE THEIR BIT.

This slagging off of Germany is CRETINOUS.


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