24 Oct

I do wish leaders and the EU elite (who think they are leaders, even though they are grossly-overpaid functinaries)  people would stop banging on about “confidence”, which in fact for them seems to mean “ludicrous optimism based on delusions.”

There is no “confidence” among the plebs because there is NO MONEY.  If you have NO MONEY then all the “confidence” in the world isn’t going to help.

Same thing with the ratings agencies. They lower ratings because countries are nigh on bankrupt, not the other way round.

Stop putting the cart before the horse. Debt and financial incompetence are so deeply-ingrained in Europe that only an utter FOOL would have any “confidence”, and the only utter fools are in Brussels and certain other centres of power in Europe. LEAVE THE PLEBS OUT OF THIS. We’ll have “confidence” when our rulers and masters stop pissing about and we can see more money coming in and more to the point KEEP more of it to spend and/or save.

Until then, you can stuff your repeated whinges about our “lack of confidence”.


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