Gaddafi and “Human Rights”

23 Oct

So much complete bollocks has been spouted about this Libyan campaign, among the best of which was:

“Gaddafi may have more supporters than we think.”

Really? Wherever they had the chance they rose up in their tens of thousands except in the last, futile, self-destructive death-throes of the Neo-Nazi thugs of Sirte. In this last senseless act alone Gaddafi was reponsible for thousands of people being maimed, killed or merely scarred for life. Tripoli was supposed to be his stronghold, yet fell like a pack of cards.

Dictators always seem to have plenty of support until the people are QUITE
CERTAIN they are quite dead. Otherwise, it’s TERROR, not something the
unintelligentsia know a lot about from their comfy sitting-rooms.

“The west is only after the oil.” 

Libyans would have had MORE of the oil profits had they been ruled by the west than they got from Gaddafi, Chief of yet another venal, kleptomaniac family gang of psychopaths and mass-murderers. As it happens, the entire country remains in Libyan hands to do as they like with their oil. As of course happened in Kosovo – oops …. they haven’t got any … forgot ….

Oh, and Western firms have very few oil contracts with Iraq.

“Gaddafi’s death stains the new government.”

He was captured and killed by partisans who had seen their towns and fellow-citizens indiscriminatedly blown up, maimed, losing limbs, being kidnapped, tortured, mutilated and killed. What the PARTISANS did to Gaddafi has  NOTHING TO DO with the new government’s attitude nor ANYTHING to do with how the future of Libya will develop. It was in one sense regrettable, but on the other hand it’s THEIR COUNTRY as we keep being told and “There but for the Grace of God go I.” I remember Person X threatening Person Y with GBH simply for mentioning his children. Imagine then how you’d feel if this fascist scum had been responsible for one of them being tortured and killed, another having their arms blown off and another having simply disappeared never to be seen again? Gaddafi got off lightly. Only a total pratt would regret his passing, even in the circumstances of it.

This was a people’s revolution, not that those fatuous clowns Castro and Chavez would understand what THAT was. Oh, I forgot Mugabe, the other great critic of Western action – along of course with the world’s number 1 supporter of the Cuban totalitarian regime.

Gaddafi and his “human rights”?

ANY system of law is based on value judgements. Everyone is entitled to theirs. Some may consider Goering should never have been hanged, since they don’t believe in CP. I am not among this bunch of self-righteous, high-minded superior beings. (as they seem to see themselves; the rest of us habitually getting it in the neck for daring to have a contrary view).

As for dictators, when they assume that role they leave humanity. It is a conscious choice they make when they refuse to subject themselves to democratic control. “Rats” in comparison are wondrous; innocent creatures, seeking only to survive and never harming their own species. Gaddafi fell far below the standard of a rat, which is rather ironic. The suffering and misery dictators cause to so many over so long is so appalling that they cease to be human. This is MY value judgement and I am entitled to it. The whinging of his odious wife (with her reputed 20 tons of the Libyan people’s gold salted away safely in some other despotic African country) about the lack of human rights in his death is surreally hilarious. When over FORTY-TWO years did he give a toss about anyone’s “human rights.”? Hundreds of thousands of people have had their lives destroyed by that man. His end was no more than he deserved or than could have been expected from the raw young men whom he had called ”rats” and tried to destroy, including through starvation.

If my principle of dictators leaving humanity were enshrined in the UN Charter, we might get fewer of these scum destroying people’s lives. I hope that Assad of Syria watched every sodding image of Gaddafi’s last moments.

“By killing him we are as bad as he was.”

A) We didn’t kill him; “his” people did.

B) This statement often launched by the PC unintelligentsia with withering sneers is of course stupid. We who believe in CP could ONLY be “as bad as him” had we for FORTY-TWO years ALSO murdered, maimed and oppressed an entire nation. WE HAVEN’T. We ensured the demise of the person who did, which would not have happened had the PC unintelligentsia been in charge.

Well done NATO

Plenty of the unintelligentsia who have played their part in leading the world to chaos have spent the last six months whingeing and sniding at every opportunity while the Libyan people set about liberating their country, with massive help from NATO in the same way that the American settlers got help from France to free themselves from English rule. I wonder if the unintelligentsia of that time also whinged and whined about “foreign interference”.

Well done Sarko – your air force’s destruction of Gaddafi fascist tanks outside Benghazi was the launchpad for this wonderful action. You can tell it’s a great moral achievement by the fact that Castro, Chavez and Mugabe – and others closer to home – are STILL whinging on in their regret at this hideous monster’s passing.

Libya now has some hope. Before it had NO hope. I for one rejoice. It may not turn out “right” – the country has been brutalised for four decades, but they now have HOPE. They KNOW what a dictatorship is and will certainly want to avoid another one.

Meanwhile in England, the Prime Minister who played his part in liberating one country so that it could enjoy free speech is now trying to “crush a backbench rebellion” in an effort to suppress it. So far he has resisted the temptation to call his rebels “rats”.


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