The Frankenstein Monster

22 Oct

William Hague on the EU membership vote: We won’t leave Europe,
but it won’t rule us.

For Pete’s sake William!!

A) “Negotiation” doesn’t GET us anywhere; the nonsenses, the corruption, the fraud, the lack of accounts, the project to build a United States of Europe keep ROLLING ON. TELL US when something the EU did was ever reversed! Maybe the euro will be an exception, but surely a brief pause in the juggernaut.

B) We DON’T “negotiate” – we always give in. Labour’s Darling signed away BILLIONS after losing the last election but before you lot took over! UNBELIEVABLE. Anyway, how do you “negotiate” when venal idiots always outvote you?

The EU is fundamentally corrupt by its very nature. Almost all of those employed in it have a MASSIVE vested interest in keeping the gravy-train rolling.  Daniel Hannan is a notable exception, but these people are swamped by the party hacks and cronies who do  NOT represent their electors. It is a monster that has escaped its Frankenstein. How else do you explain that there are TWO Presidents, BOTH earning nearly TWICE what national leaders earn?

What on EARTH is Ms Ashton doing there in charge of SIX BILLION EUROS WORTH OF DIPLOMATIC NONSENSE?

People like me are europhiles, but the EU has gone too far. It has to be FUNDAMENTALLY changed.

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