Getting out of the EU

21 Oct

A) “First of all the farmers would lose their income which would have to be  replaced by government payments pro tem.”

Our farmers still produce stuff which they can still sell. If not, why not? Last time I looked there was a world shortage of food.
CONCLUSION = scaremongering bilge worthy of the EU propaganda machine, the part of Brussels which works best of course.

B) “Second importers and exporters would find their goods standing on the docks until a new system of tariffs is agreed with Brussels.”

I don’t notice other countries being unable to sell stuff just because they’re not in the EU.  Switzerland seems to do OK.
CONCLUSION = scaremongering bilge.

C) “Third all regional aid from EU would come to an end.”

IT’S OUR MONEY. We’d save bank fees in sending it and then getting it back again.  AND we’d be QUIDS IN. Our £30,000,000 PER DAY to the EU could be used HERE. We would no longer have to pay for van Rompo (WHAT DOES HE DO ALL DAY?) Borinoso and all the other fatuous, useless party cronies and hacks appointed by their mates. I nearly forgot Ashton and her SIX BILLION EURO “diplomatic service” and van Rompo’s THREE HUNDRED MILLION EURO palace, plus furniture. BTW Have you checked the fact that they don’t publish audited accounts? That there is rampant FRAUD? Fraud indeed which they COVER UP (see this paper)

D) “Fourth all UK representatives and civil servants would all be unceremoniously booted out of  European institutions like Parliament, Council of Ministers,”

GOOD – HOORAY. The parliament has no power, is pointless and vastly-expensive. Parliaments govern countries. The EU is NOT A COUNTRY (Had you noticed that?) Our MEPs and all the other gravy-trainers could get a proper, productive, socially-useful job and wouldn’t have to bang up and down uselessly to Strasbourg expending thousands of tons of CO2 while forcing useless lightbulbs down our throats.
CONCLUSION = see above

In addition, we get back our sovereignty, our fishing, and everything else which is now controlled by a bunch of unelected pratts who have led Europe into a fantastic shambles through their own folly and incompetence – not that you’d notice them admitting it as long as they can blame the ratings agencies, the Anglo-Saxons, the bankers, the Chinese and soon WAIT FOR IT the Germans.


Posted by on October 21, 2011 in European Union


2 responses to “Getting out of the EU

  1. what_happens_now

    October 21, 2011 at 9:53 am

    On the second point on your article, yes, that’s true. But also, importantly, much of the international law regarding importing and exporting to Europe is already covered by World Trade Organisation GATT agreements. Therefore withdrawal from the EU by the UK would not affect trade with European countries.

  2. Chris Snuggs

    October 21, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Good point. Unfortunately, this sort of moral blackmail “Without the EU you would starve to death.” is all part of the propaganda machine that people seem to swallow so easily. Like:

    “If the euro fails, Europe fails.”

    Total rubbish. 10 EU countries are not even in the euro. Are they failing? Was Europe failing BEFORE the euro?

    Thanks for your comment.


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