Merkel/Sarko “Vow” n° n trillion

10 Oct

“Discussions over the weekend between German Chancellor Merkel and French  President Sarkozy delivered little in substance,” Credit Agricole CIB said in a research note.”

Hilarious. “little substance”?

Ok, where WAS this “little” then? I didn’t see any, only another “pledge”, or if you prefer “vow”. As these are meaningless I’d really like to know where ANY substance was.

Why the hell they don’t tell the truth is a mystery. And the truth is:

A) Greece is going to default.
B) They’re going to take more taxpayers’ money to prop up the banks to protect them from this – or borrow or print it as there isn’t any actual “money”.
C) We don’t know – perhaps because Merkel doesn’t dare tell her electorate – whether Sarko has managed to get her to agree to the IBF (Illegal Bailout Fund) to recapitalize the French banks or whether Sarko has had to give in to Merkel and will ahve to borrow and/or print yet more French euros to do this, thus risking France’s AAA rating. This latter is very good, isn’t it. It means that there is NO RISK of France defaulting on any debt. HA, HA …. “NO RISK”?

Basically, before this meeting EVERYONE KNEW it would result in another “pledge” or “vow”, NO? I mean, all the others have …..

BUT, the ONLY THING that nobody knew BEFORE this meeting (and the only important thing) nobody still knows AFTER IT.


PS ILLEGALITY? Richard Sulik – Leader of a Slovak Minority party that may scupper the euro bailout – says THIS:

“First, we have to strictly adhere to the existing rules, such as not being liable for others’ debts, just as it’s spelled out in Article 125 of the Lisbon Treaty. Second, we have to let Greece go bankrupt and have the banks involved in the debt-restructuring. The creditors will have to relinquish 50 to perhaps 70 percent of their claims. So far, the agreements on that have been a joke. Third, we have to be adamant about cost-cutting and manage budgets in a responsible way.”

At last I’ve found someone who seems to have an idea of what is going on and what to do. THE BAILOUTS ARE ILLEGAL UNDER THE LISBON TREATY. Why haven’t the entire EU elite plus the governments of ALL the eurozone nations who have voted for the bailout fund been arrested? This is NOT a joke, as opposed to most of what is going on in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. The bailouts are ILLEGAL.

Hardly ANYONE seems to care. I suppose because they can get away with it.  In essence, rules only matter if there is some sanction behind them, some accountability. Not very PC, but it’s true, isn’t it?

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