Euro Crisis Jargon Dictionary

05 Oct
The euro crisis can be confusing. This is mainly deliberate on the part of the European elite. The more confusing it is the more they think they can get away with. However, to counteract this naked fascism here is a guide to key jargon currently doing the rounds.

I am very keen to make this as complete as possible,
so if you have any ideas for additions, please tell me!!

a special purpose vehicle
a con designed to pour billions more euros down the euro black hole without the plebs realising it
the troika
a grouplet of VIPs set up to pretend that Greece has fulfilled its promises (don’t laugh) and to give them the dosh anyway because if it doesn’t Greece will immediately go tits-up and the IMF and EU will get the blame whereas the only critical thing now is not to save Greece but to ensure that Germany gets the blame for the imminent disaster or if you like, a key player in the game “You pretend to fulfill the conditions and we pretend to agree.”
Quantitative Easing
more borrowing and/or printing of money designed to solve the problem of too much borrowing and printing of money; a cunning plan which has the great benefit of raising inflation to inflate away the debt and coincidentally (but who cares?) stuff the plebs out of their increasingly-worthless savings (Idiots! Everyone knows that saving is for mugs!)
José Borroso
a misplaced village idiot with his needle stuck in the same worn-out groove
getting elected once every five years and then doing what the hell you like with the people’s money without paying the slightest regard to anything they say or do unless they riot in which case you attack them with rubber bullets and water cannon supplied by other democracies (see Greece)
the Greek
“century bond”
another idiotic plan to increase Greek debt for the future so that it can pay off the interest on current debt – besides, nobody will be around to collect their bonds after a century …… Good luck in selling this one ….
a pretentious, pledge-making elitist nerd who – to give himself some faint chance of reelection – is willing to do almost anything (including to stuff the plebs by wasting their own money) to avoid French bankers going tits-up if Greece – and especially ITALY (which owes French banks nearly half a trillion euros) – defaults (which it will) – this is a bit convoluted, but you catch the drift
a denial
a statement of absolute certainty that something will occur
a bank
an organisation protected by the government and designed to steal the people’s money while enriching its directors beyond belief no matter how badly it is run
fund leverage
EU accounting
unaudited fraud
pledge or vow
fatuous promise based on self-delusional fantasy and designed to make both pledger and pledgees feel as if something concrete is likely to be done even if deep down both parties know that it isn’t true
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