The Battle of Morals

04 Oct

It’s not the battle of ideas, it’s the battle of morals that Cameron is losing.

“battle of morals”? Don’t speak in riddles. If you mean he should do a Brownlike “borrow-and-print-money and spend, spend, spend” then say so.

It is not “moral” to leave your country impoverished. And FYI, when an economy goes belly-up (see Greece,) it is the POOREST and WEAKEST who suffer most.

ERGO (and it’s not rocket science) the FIRST duty of a government is to manage the budget responsibly = not spend more than you have = a LOT OF PAIN if the previous idiots overborrowed and you have to inevitably cut back to get the ship afloat again.

And if you really want to eliminate “unfairness” and “the rich” and “capitalists”, I assume you are a member of the revolutionary Maoist or Anarchist parties. That would be honest, since NO MAJOR party wants to do that. Did you see LABOUR bash the banks? NO. They continued to allow the bankers to draw vast bonuses.

Mandelscum, Bliar and other Labour luminaries (remember Kinnock?) have done VERY WELL out of the present set-up, so bashing the Tories for being “rich toffs” is a bit selective.

What is really hilarious is that MOST TORY VOTERS are not “rich toffs” but ORDINARY ESSEX MEN & WOMEN who just want a bit of commonsense in their leaders.

Labour would do well to remember that, but not much sign that Minibruder understands it – or much else as it happens.

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One response to “The Battle of Morals

  1. James Clack

    October 4, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    My first time here. Nice blog and great post. Well done.


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