03 Oct

“Those who talk about Europe, rather than the EU being the problem, do the British a disservice.”

You are too polite. In fact, they are idiots. Luther criticised the Roman Catholic church but he still believed in God. The EU is in theory “a good thing”, but needs root and branch reform and cannot work without national governments showing more courage to shoot down its most insane ideas.

Unfortunately, dinosaurs cannot easily reform themselves, since they don’t see why they should, so it may have to be done by the plebs in a rather brutal way – voting for UKIP for example.

One cannot get past the fact that Greece LIED to get past the criteria that the EU had set up and the EU KNEW this but let them in anyway.

THEN, when the Greeks (but they weren’t alone) started pigging out on German money the EU did NOTHING. Only NOW, ten years later, are they talking about being stricter.

Pity – being strict, whether it’s with one’s own kids, with criminals or with criminally-overborrowing countries, is very non-PC. Therein lies the entire problem.

Very early on in the euro saga France exceeded the 3% of GDP debt limit and a Minister said: “That rule was designed for small countries, not large ones like France.”

What SHOULD have happened was that the EU on behalf of the OTHER eurozone countries gave France six months to get back to 3% or they would be kicked out of the euro.

This is called DISCIPLINE and CONCENTRATION OF MINDS. Had this been done, we would NOT be in this position today.

National governments in Europe have been cowardly, incompetent, greedy and indeed STUPID. Can anyone deny this? Are any of them going to own UP to it?


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