Boringissimo Bores On

28 Sep

Jose Boringissimo: “The EU faces a crisis of confidence.”

“a crisis of confidence”? Has this pratt got a single brain cell?

It’s not a crisis of “confidence”; it’s a crisis of: A) being humungously in debt and B) being led by incompetents.

All the “confidence” in the world is utterly useless if you haven’t got the money. I could go out right this minute with enormous confidence to buy a Ferrari, but my confidence wouldn’t be much use in the showroom.

And “confidence” MAY be built up for idiots by getting another loan, but it doesn’t MEAN you’re not still in deep schtuck.

And I wish Boringissimo would stop banging on about full fiscal union. Germany has already ruled it out and is now calling the n trillion bailout fund “silly” and even better “stupid”.

What does that then make those CALLING for it?


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