Another Europrig

24 Sep

“Can’t you just hear the eurosceptics cackling? They’ve been salivating away like Pavlov’s dogs at every twist of the eurozone’s recent travails.” – Chris Bryant in “The Independent”

This is pretty disgusting stuff, like people have no right to their opinion if it differs to yours. It’s always like this with you Eurofanatics; you are sneering, contemptuous, dismissive of anyone not on your message. I am NOT “eurosceptic”, just LIAR-and-ARROGANT, GREEDY-FOOLS sceptic. MEPs have just opened a 15 million€ exhibition in their own praise. The silly Ms Ashton presides over a totally pointless diplomatic service that cost BILLIONS. We have TWO EU Presidents, neither of whom do ANYTHING to earn any money or indeed help anyone ELSE to earn any money – quite the opposite. Van Rompo? What does he DO in his THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS AND COUNTING new palace in Brussels? You have forced us all to buy very expensive light-bulbs yet still regularly flog up and down to Strasbourg in a fleet of lorries. EU workers pay hardly any tax, quite apart from their vast benefits. The EU wastes BILLIONS and PUBLISHES NO CERTIFIED ACCOUNTS. It is bureaucratic and statist in the French mould. Its leaders are hell-bent on creating a United States of Europe, but NOBODY HAS VOTED ON THIS. We aren’t allowed a decision on ANYTHING, even when our own government promises one.

YOU KNOW BEST? Sorry matey, you DON’T. You have totally messed up the euro by your arrogance and incompetence. In ten years, you have led what was a thriving common market albeit with massive bureaucratic and democratic faults into a financial disaster. Do we hear any apologies? LOL. We just hear another vicious slagging off of “eurosceptics”. Well, WE ARE CITIZENS, TOO. We are EUROPEANS, TOO. You have all the self-righteous and contemptuous – and contemptible – priggishness of the most fundamentalist of religious lunatics.

“If Greece had been forced to open its books properly, it would not have been allowed to join monetary union and its conservative government would not subsequently have got away with fake statistics.”

Really? EVERYONE KNEW that Greece was faking its statistics. I remember very clearly – it was all over the press. The EU elite KNEW, but they allowed their political fanaticism to overcome not only the RULES and commonsense but their DUTY to the rest of the eurozone. When France, Germany and many others went over the 3% GDP limit, the EU DID NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL. To give up the Deutschmark, Germany was PROMISED it would never have to bail out the feckless, lying PIIGS. In any case, the EU’s OWN economists told them that the euro could NOT work with Germany and Greece in the same currency. The EU didn’t care; it WASN’T THEIR MONEY, was it? TOTAL FRAUD and INCOMPETENCE, for which the people are now to pay. You won’t see any eurocrat lose their job, will you? The vast salaries will go on getting paid come what may. MEPs earn more than the British PM, PLUS enormous expenses. BTW, have you stopped the cunning plan where you turn up at the Parliament, sign on and then piss off again, later collecting your 200€ per day attendance money ON TOP OF your salaries? And you think all this is RIGHT? Good for Britain, and its bill of £30 million per DAY?

As for “fake statistics”, the EU
does not publish audited accounts.

Lying PIIGS? YES. We know all about the Greeks. Italy is a basket case, and the PM of Portugal said: “Some expenses were left off the balance sheet.” HE LIED. Is all this LYING and anti-democratic behaviour OK with you?

You fanatics are to blame. You are arrogant and anti-democratic, pushing the people of Europe in a direction they DO NOT WANT TO GO, especially in Britain. And IF that is the case as it is – you seem to think the British people have no RIGHT to wish it. Your fascist arrogance is breathtaking. Your stuff about only giant blocs being to survive in the future is arrant nonsense. Have you told the Swiss, the Norwegians, the Canadians, the Australians et al? This is typical EU scaremongering propaganda worthy of Goebbels, except that he was cleverer.

I repeat, “eurosceptics” are NOT geese, nor dogs, Pavlovian or otherwise, but citizens like you with a different opinion and vastly more commonsense. This of course is VERY non-PC in the EU. You aren’t allowed to have a different opinion, especially in a vote. If you can ever GET a vote and you vote the “wrong” way, you have to do it again.

Borroso is the absolute limit and typical of the arrogance and pretention of the EU elite. Germany has said repeatedly it will not accept fiscal union, eurobonds or whatever and that an n trillion € bailout is “silly” and “stupid”, yet Borroso goes on demanding all of the above and more control from Brussels. This is NOT what the peoples of Europe want, only what HE wants. But he is an unelected bureaucrat, whose prattle I am sick of hearing. In a period of massive financial hardship for millions the EU is demanding a BIGGER budget. They spend money like confetti. Why? BECAUSE A) it’s not theirs and there’s plenty more where that came from and B) They can.

“What can be abused, is abused.” True in the EU like everywhere else, unfortunately.

I  would like an apology for the vicious slandering of “eurosceptics” in your disgusting diatribe. You represent all that a majority of British citizens now detest about the quasi-fascist EU. No, there is no “proof” of this, so GIVE US A REFERENDUM THEN.


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