15 Sep

Germany needs the euro …..

Do you recall the pre-euro period when Germany’s economy was weak, stagnant, stuttering along and trapped within its Deutschmark?

No, nor do I. The truth is that the German economy always powers along whatever the circumstances, despite the trillions expended on East Germany, destroyed by the Russians. The idea that they need the euro more than the euro needs them is hilariously-silly propaganda by the “We-want-trillions-more-of-your-money” brigade spearheaded by the Portuguese Boringoso.

And Eurobonds are no solution whatsoever. It’s laughable. The proponents of this daft Ponzi idea say that the bonds would allow weaker countries “easier access to the markets.”

You mean, with the bonds they can easily borrow even MORE money which they’ll NEVER be able to repay? And this would obviate their need to make any REAL changes to their idiotic economies (no tax, retiring at 55, half the country working for the civil service etc etc) YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP!!

I’ve seen headless chickens running around farmyards with more intelligence than Boringoso. But then, it’s not HIS money (or his country’s) that he is seeking to bung into the pot.

Boringoso is an odious creep. NOT ONE SINGLE VOTER IN EUROPE HAS VOTED FOR MEMBERSHIP OF A UNITED STATES OF EUROPE – not that the EU elite would ever ALLOW them a vote.

What gives these people the humungous arrogance to try to create something that NO PLEB HAS SOUGHT OR VOTED ON? It is quasi-fascist behaviour. I only hope that their arrogance has finally overreached itself, but they are very powerful and devious. Some say this whole disaster was engineered with exactly the aim of provoking what the EU elite wants.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it is damned suspicious. EVERYONE KNEW that Greece LIED about its stats before entry to the euro. In addition, the EU’S own economists told them it wouldn’t work. BUT THEY WENT AHEAD ANYWAY.

One has to ask WHY?


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