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Europe’s Criminal Leaders

This is a post I picked up from a “Telegraph” comment blog today from Harper1970. It makes a strong case for the collective criminality, betrayal and utter folly of the European political elite.
Here’s Mr Schäffler’s speech from yesterday translated into English..something I amongst a few others worked on:

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

On 11 February 2010 the European Union heads of state and government agreed to collectively break the law. Whatever happened, Greece was to receive financial aid and so the leaders announced nothing less than the breaking of the ‘no bail-out’ clause in the European treaties.

We had been promised in the German Bundestag that the aid for Greece is a one-off occurrence, the absolute exception. The ink was not yet dry when a day later in Brussels the current bail-out fund EFSF was agreed.

When the German Bundestag adopted the so-called euro rescue package, we were told here that no country would need to make use of it. Yet only a few months later Ireland, Portugal and then Greece sought refuge under its protection.

On 27 October 2010, you, Madam Chancellor, stated in this House, and I quote:

“It expires in 2013. This is what we wanted and agreed on. Germany can and will not consent to a casual extension because the bailout fund is not suitable as a long-term instrument. It sends the wrong signals to the markets and Member States and it promotes dangerous expectations.” End of quote.

Mr.President, ladies and gentlemen, not four weeks later none of this applied any more, and on 11 March 2011 in Brussels work began on amending the European treaties:

– firstly to extend the existing euro bail-out fund, which the German Bundestag never wanted,
– secondly to prolong the euro bail-out fund indefinitely, which the German Bundestag never wanted,
– and third, to change the character of European economic governance, which the German Bundestag never wanted.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Despite all the claims to the contrary, even the original rescue package for Greece has not alleviated the situation in Greece, but has made it worse. Greece is  raising less tax revenue than in 2010 and compared to
last year is spending more – both as a percentage and in absolute terms – even without interest.

Despite all the claims to the contrary, the bail-out fund has not eased the debt crisis experienced by states and banks, but has made it worse. It has only bought expensive time. But Greece cannot grow out of its over-indebtedness, even less so with even more debt. The new aid demanded and the beefed-up bail-out fund will aggravate the situation further.

On 17 March and 10 June this year we decided in this House:

“The German Bundestag expects on constitutional, European legal and economic grounds, that jointly financed or guaranteed debt buying programmes are to be ruled out”

Precisely these debt-buying programmes are the subject of today’s vote. Necessity cannot overrule every law. Violating the constitution is not the only alternative! In his speech to the German Bundestag, Pope Benedict XVI quoted St. Augustine with the words: “Without justice – what else is the State but a great band of robbers.”

Now the International Monetary Fund, the Central Bank and the Commission in Brussels are already openly talking about multiplying the bail-out fund. They want to leverage it. The finance minister wants to see the
efficient use of its resources. Maybe he means it. We’ll see. The effect, however, will then be that the bail-out fund permits hedge-fund style risk-taking. This is speculation on credit, but the European taxpayers are bearing the liability for such speculation.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Fear was always a bad adviser, but since the autumn of 2007 fear has been the basis of policies that undermine justice and freedom. It promotes fear of the collapse of our financial system.

A united Europe was imagined by its founding fathers as a bulwark of freedom against all forms of dictatorship, oppression and economic planning. Today’s Europe is on the road to the monetary planned economy and political centralism. And we are on this road to serfdom because we can be blackmailed by the fear of a collapse of our financial system. Europe’s founding fathers wanted a Europe of rights and the rule of law. In contrast, the current governments of the euro area, the EU Commission and the Central Bank repeatedly arrange a collective breach of the law, although the European Commission as the guardian of the treaties and the national governments are obliged to uphold the law.

They are using the fear of a collapse of the financial system in order to take Europe to a new level of centralization.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

There are alternatives to the current dirigiste and illegal actions of European governments and the EU Commission. A planned economy and breaking the law are not the only alternatives. But we have to have the confidence to consider the alternatives, to choose and then boldly implement them. Above all, we must begin the fight against today’s often fueled fear of freedom. For the peoples of Europe want a Europe of law and freedom. The peoples of Europe want freedom, not economic planning.

As members of the Bundestag, we bear a great responsibility. We bear the responsibility for good laws. We need to distinguish right from wrong. On days like this, such responsibility is a burden to us. We must use
our minds and listen to our hearts. Because our decision has consequences. It will not only affect us, but millions of people in Germany and Europe. My mind tells me that the bail-out fund is unwise. If I listen to my heart, it warns me. I will therefore vote against the bill.

Thank you!

Now can see how serious this is becoming…oh…Mr Schäffler is being attacked now from all sides…including in the German media….basically being called a right-wing nut case as he was yesterday on TV… you can see…the EU propaganda machine is at work all over Europe…incredible times….a coup is taking place and everyone is just sitting back and watching…our futures are at stake people…

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Let the EU spend Germany’s money to save Italy!!

Andrew Lilico in “The Telegraph” has the solution!!

“There can be no euro (or European Union) without Italy, so exit is not an option. Instead, Italian and Portuguese growth must be raised, so these countries can service their own debts. The way to do that is for the stronger eurozone members to send money every year, for decades, to the EU in Brussels, and the EU then to spend that money in Italy and Portugal, thereby raising their wealth just enough that they can service their own debts. This is not legally problematic, as it has already happened for decades under what are called the EU “structural funds”. All we need is a eurozone-only version of these structural funds.

Increased growth for the weaker members, not debt pooling, is the way to save the euro.”


Brilliant! GOD, If only we’d realized how simple the solution was! And the EU will spend the money! Even MORE brilliant of course; the EU has a fantastic record of spending money wisely to generate wealth. Since we had the EU Europe has leapt ahead of Asia in competitivity, and people like Juncker, Van Rompo and Borroso are born entrepreneurs who will give Italy a mega-boost.

And Germany will give billions to the EU for decades so that it can “invest” in boosting Italy’s growth. Will you tell the Germans this wonderful news or shall I pass the message on?

Remind me not to give this writer a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” for Christmas.


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What is needed is socialism with brains and pragmatism, not dogma. More wealth is created when people’s natural desire (for better or worse) to improve their lot is given some slack.

This individual urge to  create wealth is like a nuclear reactor – it has to be controlled, and excess (the bankers  – Exxon etc) avoided. However, socialists cannot keep their hands off the control lever and end up regulating and taxing everything. (see France, Britain …)

The consequence is LESS wealth. This means LESS to spend on socialist goodies, such as billions on idiotic wasteful projects, quangoes, vast pensions for mandarins etc.

… AND of course the NHS, education, housing, infrastructure ……

This is the problem with “socialists”. They don’t know when to STOP and let the people get on with creating WEALTH. They kill the golden goose and the camel collapses.

We ALL would like to spend an INFINITE amount on the NHS, education and so on, but you have to EARN THE DOSH FIRST. Socialists usually put the cart before the horse.

Bleedin’ obvious, innit? But not apparently to the British Labour Party.

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Boringissimo Bores On

Jose Boringissimo: “The EU faces a crisis of confidence.”

“a crisis of confidence”? Has this pratt got a single brain cell?

It’s not a crisis of “confidence”; it’s a crisis of: A) being humungously in debt and B) being led by incompetents.

All the “confidence” in the world is utterly useless if you haven’t got the money. I could go out right this minute with enormous confidence to buy a Ferrari, but my confidence wouldn’t be much use in the showroom.

And “confidence” MAY be built up for idiots by getting another loan, but it doesn’t MEAN you’re not still in deep schtuck.

And I wish Boringissimo would stop banging on about full fiscal union. Germany has already ruled it out and is now calling the n trillion bailout fund “silly” and even better “stupid”.

What does that then make those CALLING for it?


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The EU has failed. Who are the truly guilty men?

Thanks for bringing this up.
Daniel Hannan once again is a lone voice of sanity from Brussels.

Certain people are indeed very guilty, and so far unaccountable. Guilty of what?

  • the EU elite pursuing their own USE agenda with no mandate and ignorinc economic realities through their political obsessions
  • national governments pathetically and supinely permitting the above
  • the entire European political elite playing recklessly with OUR money
  • failing to consult the people properly and ignoring public opinion totally and utterly (“WE KNOW BEST”, except that you clearly DON’T)
  • refusing to see the bleedin’ obvious truths about debt and the euro, not to mention Greece which was OBVIOUSLY going to have to default sooner or later – how much has been poured in already which the taxpayer will NEVER see again?
  • conniving in the blatant Greek LIES about their statistics to get into the euro
  • PROMISING Germany it would never have to bail out the feckless, idle, disorganised and lying southern rabble, and this in order to get them to give up the DM
  • recklessly building up vast debts the people are now having to make enormous sacrifices to pay off
  • making Europe a feeble laughing-stock thrashing about like a stranded whale
  • ruining millions of ordinary hard-working people’s lives-

And throughout all this they sail serenely on gathering up their vast salaries and benefits and now pontificating about what MUST be done while issuing endless calls and pledges, and in the case of the EU demanding an even BIGGER budget PLUS the right to set their own taxes..

I am sick of the lot of them.


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Another Europrig

“Can’t you just hear the eurosceptics cackling? They’ve been salivating away like Pavlov’s dogs at every twist of the eurozone’s recent travails.” – Chris Bryant in “The Independent”

This is pretty disgusting stuff, like people have no right to their opinion if it differs to yours. It’s always like this with you Eurofanatics; you are sneering, contemptuous, dismissive of anyone not on your message. I am NOT “eurosceptic”, just LIAR-and-ARROGANT, GREEDY-FOOLS sceptic. MEPs have just opened a 15 million€ exhibition in their own praise. The silly Ms Ashton presides over a totally pointless diplomatic service that cost BILLIONS. We have TWO EU Presidents, neither of whom do ANYTHING to earn any money or indeed help anyone ELSE to earn any money – quite the opposite. Van Rompo? What does he DO in his THREE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS AND COUNTING new palace in Brussels? You have forced us all to buy very expensive light-bulbs yet still regularly flog up and down to Strasbourg in a fleet of lorries. EU workers pay hardly any tax, quite apart from their vast benefits. The EU wastes BILLIONS and PUBLISHES NO CERTIFIED ACCOUNTS. It is bureaucratic and statist in the French mould. Its leaders are hell-bent on creating a United States of Europe, but NOBODY HAS VOTED ON THIS. We aren’t allowed a decision on ANYTHING, even when our own government promises one.

YOU KNOW BEST? Sorry matey, you DON’T. You have totally messed up the euro by your arrogance and incompetence. In ten years, you have led what was a thriving common market albeit with massive bureaucratic and democratic faults into a financial disaster. Do we hear any apologies? LOL. We just hear another vicious slagging off of “eurosceptics”. Well, WE ARE CITIZENS, TOO. We are EUROPEANS, TOO. You have all the self-righteous and contemptuous – and contemptible – priggishness of the most fundamentalist of religious lunatics.

“If Greece had been forced to open its books properly, it would not have been allowed to join monetary union and its conservative government would not subsequently have got away with fake statistics.”

Really? EVERYONE KNEW that Greece was faking its statistics. I remember very clearly – it was all over the press. The EU elite KNEW, but they allowed their political fanaticism to overcome not only the RULES and commonsense but their DUTY to the rest of the eurozone. When France, Germany and many others went over the 3% GDP limit, the EU DID NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL. To give up the Deutschmark, Germany was PROMISED it would never have to bail out the feckless, lying PIIGS. In any case, the EU’s OWN economists told them that the euro could NOT work with Germany and Greece in the same currency. The EU didn’t care; it WASN’T THEIR MONEY, was it? TOTAL FRAUD and INCOMPETENCE, for which the people are now to pay. You won’t see any eurocrat lose their job, will you? The vast salaries will go on getting paid come what may. MEPs earn more than the British PM, PLUS enormous expenses. BTW, have you stopped the cunning plan where you turn up at the Parliament, sign on and then piss off again, later collecting your 200€ per day attendance money ON TOP OF your salaries? And you think all this is RIGHT? Good for Britain, and its bill of £30 million per DAY?

As for “fake statistics”, the EU
does not publish audited accounts.

Lying PIIGS? YES. We know all about the Greeks. Italy is a basket case, and the PM of Portugal said: “Some expenses were left off the balance sheet.” HE LIED. Is all this LYING and anti-democratic behaviour OK with you?

You fanatics are to blame. You are arrogant and anti-democratic, pushing the people of Europe in a direction they DO NOT WANT TO GO, especially in Britain. And IF that is the case as it is – you seem to think the British people have no RIGHT to wish it. Your fascist arrogance is breathtaking. Your stuff about only giant blocs being to survive in the future is arrant nonsense. Have you told the Swiss, the Norwegians, the Canadians, the Australians et al? This is typical EU scaremongering propaganda worthy of Goebbels, except that he was cleverer.

I repeat, “eurosceptics” are NOT geese, nor dogs, Pavlovian or otherwise, but citizens like you with a different opinion and vastly more commonsense. This of course is VERY non-PC in the EU. You aren’t allowed to have a different opinion, especially in a vote. If you can ever GET a vote and you vote the “wrong” way, you have to do it again.

Borroso is the absolute limit and typical of the arrogance and pretention of the EU elite. Germany has said repeatedly it will not accept fiscal union, eurobonds or whatever and that an n trillion € bailout is “silly” and “stupid”, yet Borroso goes on demanding all of the above and more control from Brussels. This is NOT what the peoples of Europe want, only what HE wants. But he is an unelected bureaucrat, whose prattle I am sick of hearing. In a period of massive financial hardship for millions the EU is demanding a BIGGER budget. They spend money like confetti. Why? BECAUSE A) it’s not theirs and there’s plenty more where that came from and B) They can.

“What can be abused, is abused.” True in the EU like everywhere else, unfortunately.

I  would like an apology for the vicious slandering of “eurosceptics” in your disgusting diatribe. You represent all that a majority of British citizens now detest about the quasi-fascist EU. No, there is no “proof” of this, so GIVE US A REFERENDUM THEN.


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Osbourne’s Policies aren’t Working

“not working”? Of course they’re “not working” – if you drink yourself stupid and pig out for over a decade there is NOTHING you can do to put things right overnight – getting fit once more will take a long time and be very difficult. Bizarrely, this simple fact seems beyond the grasp of many people, including all the leaders of Europe and the silly Mme Lagarde. An instant solution is the only thing some people seem to understand. THERE AIN’T ONE.

Lagarde? A very soppy woman, and I wish to God she would stop pontificating and asking people “to do something”. There is NOTHING to be done except kick out Greece et al and from the euro let them default. Until recently she was French Finance Minister. The only reason France is not being targeted by “investors” because of its debt is that others are in the firing line first.

She and her cronies are in large part responsible for all this. Soon after the euro was launched France went over the 3% of GDP debt limit that the eurozone had signed up to. A French minister then claimed that this rule was “for little countries, not large ones like France.” Brilliant. Ten years later, here we are …..

What you have to ask is how would things look if we had continued the Brown Binge? Well, MANY times worse. We might ourselves by now be begging the IMF to help and be having far more stringent cuts imposed on us, as is happening with Greece.

Now the BofE is going to print more money, though for some reason they call it “Quantitative Easing”, possibly because they think we are idiots. However, this cunning plan means the currency is devalued, imports cost more and inflation rises. This latter is A) extremely bad for the worst off and B) a way to reduce debt. So of course, the government likes the sound of B) but doesn’t care too much about A).

QE is a typical Brownist short-term response while they hope that “growth” will slowly emerge. IT WON’T, and SHORT-TERM measures are what we’ve had for over a decade. The ONLY way out of this is to keep the currency’s value and live within our means.

Not rocket science – except apparently for the EU, the IMF and sundry commentators. See the following for a start from “Observatory_of_Farce” in “The Telegraph”:

The public is crying out for an alternative to Osborne’s economic death warrant for this nation but Milliband and co. is still not forthcoming with one. They should grab the opportunity and kick Osborne while he is down with a boot labeled ‘Credible Alternative’.

Pity they weren’t crying out for a saner economic policy during the 13 years of Brown’s destruction of Britain. They can now cry out as much as they want, but there is no simple solution, except to live within our means.

No government in living memory has achieved that, so not a lot of hope for the current one, under whose possibly five-year rule public spending is planned to rise in EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

The fact that Minibruder at al have not proposed a credible alternative should tell you that there ISN’T ONE. No doubt if Mr Farce had lived in the Middle Ages he’d have believed in alchemy and died very puzzled and disappointed.


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