Euro bail-out in doubt as ‘hysteria’ sweeps Germany

29 Aug

What a silly headline. The Germans are:

A) the ONLY ones to be actually earning money, though they got told off by Strauss-Kahn for exporting too much. What a wally. Still, his pension for life as ex-head of the IMF that he resigned from is a pitiful £150,000 of our money per year.

B) the ONLY ones to be approaching this crisis with some degree of sanity – refusing to bung good money after bad..

Most of Europe is so endebted (thanks very much, idiot politicians) that there is NO way out without pain.

As for the Germans, when the euro was launched there was a rule about debt not exceeding 3% of GDP. Apart from the fact that Greece lied about its stats – and everyone knew it – the Germans were PROMISED that the euro would be “serious” (like the Germans) and that they would NEVER HAVE TO BAIL OUT FECKLESS NATIONS.

The contract with the Germans has been DESTROYED and they have EVERY RIGHT to tell the rest of Europe to STUFF IT. Only a complete fool would think that bankrupting Germany was a fair price to pay for bailing out Italy.

Perhaps Mr Evans-Pritchard thinks that LIES, DECEIT, ARROGANCE and INCOMPETENCE on the part of the European elite entitles the latter to get bailed out by the Germans. Funnily enough, the Germans don’t agree, and NEITHER DO I.

I am just waiting for the Greeks and Italians to start calling the Germans “unEuropean” or of course worse. Many Greeks have already raised the Nazi word.

I also await ANY WORD of apology from European national leaders and/or the EU elite (thanks for the £80 million we now have to spend on new petrol pumps) for getting us into this shambles.

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