Sacred German Principles

16 Aug

the sacred German principles of sound money.

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN QUITE HANDY IF THE REST OF THE FECKLESS EUROZONE HAD ADOPTED A BIT OF THIS instead of indulging in a frenzy of idiotic borrowing and binge-spending à la Gordon Brown.

Frankly, I think we should adopt the Swiss franc …..

European superstate? JEEZ ……… NO ….. we didn’t vote for it. Actually, nobody gave us a chance. It would be based on the EU/French administrative (= vastly bureaucratic and wasteful) model and be politically and economically DISASTROUS.

Brown in the NYT? Funny how Blair and Brown are more popular in the USA than in their own country. Mind you, the USA has adopted the economic policies of a lunatic so no doubt Brown feels quite at home.

Has the FBI locked up the directors of Standard and Poor’s for treason yet? What about the Italian prosecutors investigating Moody’s et al to see if they have “broken the rules”. You must admit that is funny, when they have BurlesqueOnly as President …..


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