Political Leadership

15 Aug

the lack of political leadership – Sean O’Grady in “The Independent”

If you are referring to Merkel’s reluctance to sign away her country’s economy then that is silly. WHY SHOULD SHE? Why do you go along with the Sarko line that Germany has to put herself in hock forever to feckless, idle, shambolic countries such as Greece? Sarko, one can understand. His own country is highly endebted, his country grinding to a halt under bureaucracy, regulations and excessive statism – what a solution to get Germany to pay for it all! But Merkel is UNDER NO OBLIGATION to toe the Sarko line.

Germany was PROMISED when the euro launched that THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Thanks to LIES, GREED and INCOMPETENCE all round, including and especially in the EU, the Germans are now put on the spot. Either bail the whole lot out or be labeled anything from “un-European” to “Nazi”.

I repeat, Germany’s reluctance to go along with this cunning but cynical plan is NOT “a lack of political leadership”. For what it’s worth, “political leadership” would have been to boot out non-qualifying countries from the euro till they sort out their act, including, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Itraly, Spain, Belgium and France – all WAY over the 3% of GDP debt limit that euro countries promised to heed.

If there is any “lack of political leadership”, it was when all these countries recklessly over-borrowed and put their countries at the mercy of “the markets”, which of course now get most of the blame.

“You are very naughty people for lending us so much money and now demanding higher interest to lend us more just because you think we can’t pay it back – that is of course ONLY true of Greece (for the moment), and if you don’t lend us more money.”

This would be hilarious if it weren’t tragic for the PLEBS, who didn’t ask for or cause this fiasco but who are suffering most from it.


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