08 Aug


Which MONEY is the ECB going to use to buy these Italian junk bonds?  Our money? Printed money? Germany’s money? Is this money BORROWED = EVEN MORE EUROPEAN DEBT?

Does the ECB think it will ever get this money BACK?

What RIGHT does the ECB have to do this?

Does ANYONE think Italy for a start will EVER carry out the deep structural and cultural reforms needed if they are bailed out?

Why has Berlusconi not been arrested for allowing his country to rack up debt of 120% of GDP and threaten to bring down the whole of the economy of Western Europe?

Is Italy’s debt AS WE SPEAK going DOWN or UP?

Why the HELL should the Germans rescue Italy when it has been so stupid?  Why can’t they simply kick Italy et al OUT till they get their act together?

Does ANYONE know any of the answers to any of these questions?


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