The Blame Game

04 Aug

What the media is failing to report is that the problems for Italy through weakened banks are being caused by the surge in the Swiss Franc.  (blog comment)

NO, PLEASE!!! NOW YOU’RE BLAMING THE SWISS AND THE MEDIA IN THE SAME SENTENCE. The problems are NOT caused by EITHER, but by the INSANE BORROWING of European countries and the utterly arrogant incompetence of the EU and many national governments.

Until we start putting the blame where it belongs we’ll NEVER get out of this. The guilty are NOT:

– the hedge funds
– the ratings agencies
– the Germans
– the Anglo-Saxons
– the media
– the markets
– China
– anyone else I’ve forgotten

But watch out as the fatuous EU elite trot out all of the above as they flail around trying to put the blame somewhere else.

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