02 Aug


This is why every European should understand that the # 1 national security threat faced by all Europeans today is this financial terror being coordinated against the Eurozone by these 3 attack divisions attacking Europe:  US/UK credit ratings agencies,  US/UK news agencies/media groups,   selected US/UK hedge funds.

Sorry – this is bilgiferous drivel, the sort of Goebbelesque claptrap that the EU itself would be proud of. The number 1 enemy of the peoples is most governments which spend much more than their income.This really is not difficult. As for your nemeses:A) The ratings agencies only reflect the insane govt spending.
B) The hedge funds are parasitic scum but are not responsible for the debt.
C) The media do not control countries’ finances; so-called governments do.

One tiny example. Ireland’s Prime Minister was (not sure now – the plebs are increasingly desperate but VIP salaries are usually the last thing to go) the FOURTH-HIGHEST PAID NATIONAL LEADER IN THE WORLD. Yes, tiny little Ireland with such delusions of grandeur, and no little greed.

Many of the establishment are in the same game. The EU has two presidents, when none would be enough. Many of the EU elite – all unelected political cronies – are paid more than the President of the USA. And our national governments let them do it because it’s in their own interest. After all, THEY day be in line for one of these plum jobs when they fail as national politicians.

NO, STOP BLAMING the usual suspects. Bash the Anglo-Saxons? Oh dear- what a tired old mantra.

Try to get it clear – THE CULPRITS ARE IN YOUR GOVERNMENT, or by now retired on fat pensions.

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