Lagarde – is this the best the world could do?

26 Jul

‘Like Greece we cannot afford for the US to fail. (Christine Lagarde)

THESE PEOPLE ARE BARMY. Greece is a MICROSCOPIC country. If the whole of global finance and teh future of Europe depended on saving Greece, we really ARE doomed. In fact, Greece needed to be saved to make sure the French banks got the FIFTY-SIX BILLION EUROS they idiotically lent the country. Saving the face of the prattish EU elite also played a part.

As for the US, they are clearly bonkers – the solution to their horrendous debt crisis is apparently to borrow more. YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP.

So, Lagarde equates Greece to the USA. Isn’t that POTTY???? How much does this woman earn to come out with such rubbish?

I went to see my bank manager the other day. He said:

“Snuggs – you are hopelessly in debt and will never be able to pay it back. However, to make sure you can keep paying us the interest on it (and so we don’t have to write it off our books and see our shares plummet) the bank is going to lend you another few million. When we reach the point where you can’t afford to pay the interest then we’ll lend you some more so you can pay the interest on the interest …..And let this be a lesson to you.”

No, he didn’t say that – but you get the point ……

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