Failing to square the circle

22 Jul

Monetary union, always unworkable, has set in train a European disaster

This is good, Simon. The USE project is pursued by unelected zealots, with utterly contemptuous regard for the people. Unfortunately, the current crop of national politicians is so poor that the zealots are – for the moment – succeeding.

But NOBODY has been asked if they want a United States of Europe. Hardly ANYONE has been able to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Those that did had to revote until they got it right.

All of this is accompanied by vicious propaganda (paid for by the plebs), whereby ANYONE criticising the project is deemed “un-European”, where if the Germans hint at baulking there are subtle hints about the past …..

France is never so happy as when getting the Germans to pay for everything. A stultifying USE bureaucracy suits the French, since invasive and pervasive state control is their forte.

As for Sarkozy bleating on about “Greece is a special case – we won’t do this for anyone else.”, does he think we are morons? If you study the statistics for everyone else, many may soon become “special cases”. The stats for Italy and Spain are horrendous. The euro rising? Perverse and disastrous, since exports will be harder. Germany will be OK, since it exports heavy and hi-tech machinery … the PIIGS are doomed …… except for tourism, but if the euro keeps on rising (thanks to Germany) people will prefer to go to Turkey, Bulgaria or elsewhere. And do the Brussels mafia think the Germans will for EVER pay for other countries’ recklessness?

The smug, complacent, lying EU elite (YES, LYING – they PROMISED Germany would NEVER have to bail out weaker economies and they also KNEW that Greece was lying about its statistics to gain entry to the euro and thus to billions in German money.) are congratulating themselves on this new success of their project – greater fiscal integration ….. but it will be short-term. The humungous irony of all this is that their frenzy to push their project forward will end up destroying it.

Finally, do they even BELIEVE in democracy? WIll the PEOPLE ever get a chance to VOTE on their project? I doubt it; we are too stupid after all ……

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Posted by on July 22, 2011 in European Union


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