21 Jul


Borroso, one of the EU’s TWO Presidents, is a fool. Nothing is easier for fools than to brainlessly demand that Germany put her whole economy into the black hole of PIIGS’ recklessly-derived debt.

Borroso, WE LIVE IN DEMOCRACIES. Is Merkel supposed to IGNORE the wishes of her people? THAT IS YOUR WAY BECAUSE YOU ARE UNELECTED POLITICAL CRONIES AND BASICALLY DO WHAT YOU LIKE. The people of Germany and elsewhere have a RIGHT to their opinions and the majority do NOT want a financial union, let alone a United States of Europe.That is YOUR project. YOU lied about Greece’s finances on their entry to the euro. YOU lied to the Germans about never having to bail out other countries. In fact, BAILOUTS ARE ILLEGAL. You are a cheap, lying, fifth-rate Eurocrat without a clue. WE DO NOT WANT TO BAIL OUT GREECE. If this makes problems, TOUGH. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT and YOU are accountable. You let Greece into the zeuro ON A LIE and then you allowed her to rack up debt assuming Germany would pay and you ALSO ignored stupid French and German bank lending to Greece, a country that an IDIOT could have seen would NEVER BE ABLE TO REPAY IT. Go back to olive-farming in Portugal. At least that’s an honest and worthwhile job.

And WHY don’t we want to bail out the PIIGS? We are NOT euroscpetic, just commonsensical. Bailouts WILL NOT SOLVE THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM, just as your OWN economists told you at the start of the euro. The economies are TOO DIVERSE.

As for blaming the markets, I despair. A European Ratings Agency? MORE FATUOUS AND UNNECESSARY EXPENSE. Yet another vastly-expensive Eurobureaucracy. The people of Europe deserve better. I am very angry, Borroso, with your pretentious, pontificating rubbish.

And where is the OTHER President? Having a few days off? Or rushing round the farmyard squawking about the nasty, mean Germans like all the rest of you?

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