17 Jul

Yippee!! Paying more to Brussels! Hooray! Now even more of them can have salaries higher than Obama and pay less tax than anyone in Britain.

It’s all such an OBVIOUS plot. The MORE they raise directly the more they can claim to represent the “United States of Europe”.

Who the hell and WHEN will we stand up against this rubbish? We DO NOT WANT A USE. We were not ASKED for it and have not VOTED on it. We do not WANT the project of Kohl, Mitterand and the Brussels elite, which is of course being foist on us bit by bit.

In principle, I do not want the euro to collapse, but if that is the price for putting an end to this fascist nonsense, then bring it on.

“The EU has brought an end to war in Europe.” HA, HA …actually, it was the Anglo-Saxons and Russians who did that. The next war will come when one of the United States of Europe tries to secede, fed up with the corruption and venality. Then you’ll see a war.


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