01 Jul

Adrian Hamilton on the Greece Crisis:

Politics should finally decide the Greek crisis

Politics? Depressing gibberish. Let’s just review the FACTS AGAIN:

A) Greece LIED about its finances in order to get into the eurozone and its hands on massive loans.

B) The EU elite – and everyone else come to that – KNEW that Greece was lying and was NO WAY under the 3% of GDP debt limit.

C) To give up the Deutschmark, the Germans were faithfully PROMISED they would not have to bail anyone out – it is in fact ILLEGAL under their Constitution, not that that seems to bother the EU or indeed the German government – and that the euro rules would be taken seriously. That was ANOTHER LIE.

D) The EU and national leaders of the time NONETHELESS allowed Greece in for POLITICAL reasons, DESPITE the above and the fact that their OWN economists told them it WOULDN’T WORK.

E) The EU elite is now desperate for a way out of this self-created shambles while the Germans and French want the IMF and the EU (OUR money once again)  to bail out their own banks, guilty of making VAST and STUPID LOANS to Greece that they should have KNOWN it would NEVER be able to repay.

Given all the above, the idea that “politics” should now be left to “solve” this crisis is HILARIOUS. As things stand, EU politics is based on LIES. If people choose to live by lies, that is their choice, but NOT AT MY EXPENSE THANKYOU.

They are a bunch of unelected, venal, lying charlatans whose DECLARED project (but few seem to care) is to create a United States of Europe ruled from Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris which NOBODY HAS VOTED FOR. They are now arrogantly demanding vastly more funds for their budget AND the right to levy their OWN taxes. NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS levy taxes, which is of course why the EU wants to. There is the 300,000,000€ palace of EU President number TWO to pay for, naturally, plus the BILLIONS for the EU diplomatic service, with THIRTY-SIX eurocrats on the international financial and industrial powerhouse of Barbados.

I do not want “POLITICS” behind these choices. I prefer “ECONOMICS” and “COMMONSENSE”. The stupefyingly-brainless “politics” of national governments overborrowing and building up vast debt is the cause of this problem. Encouraging them to indulge in yet MORE politics is, I submit to you, STUPID.

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