Dictatorships R not us

23 Jun

This current period is an indication of Man’s morality. We stodd up in Libya but have so far failed in most other Middle East Countries. Assad’s Syrian regime is just another in a long line of family dynasties of venal, murderous thugs. I was astonished to hear Hague say recently that “Assad has lost his legitimacy to govern.”

Excuse me, but WHEN DID HE EVER HAVE “legitimacy”? As far as I can see, “legitimacy” can ONLY come through fair elections. ANY OTHER MEANS OF SECURING AND MAINTAINING POWER IS ILLEGITIMATE. But these gangster family regimes have brainwashed themselves into believing that they alone have the right to rule over millions of people.

Much of the world seems to agree; hence these gangster regimes are all in the UN; Gaddafi’s bunch of sadistic murderers were even elected to be Advisors on the Human Rights Committee. This was the ultimate symbol of Man’s utter confusion on morality in governance. KICK THESE BASTARDS OUT OF THE UN. OSTRACIZE THEM, SANCTION THEM. Then they can eventually choose whether to join the civilised world or remain pariahs. And YES, the group includes Saudi Arabia AND CHINA. Difficult? Yes, but TOO BAD. You either have morality or you acquiesce in evil. It seems pretty clear to me that we have done the latter for far too long.

Of course, the free world must STICK TOGETHER, not just undermine sanctions as many democratic countries did with Sadaam Hussein, or indeed as France did by maintaining the Exocet missiles of the Argentinian fascist junta during the Falklands War.

Dictatorship is the ultimate evil in its oppression of our fellow man. We must stand up to it.

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