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Dictatorships R not us

This current period is an indication of Man’s morality. We stodd up in Libya but have so far failed in most other Middle East Countries. Assad’s Syrian regime is just another in a long line of family dynasties of venal, murderous thugs. I was astonished to hear Hague say recently that “Assad has lost his legitimacy to govern.”

Excuse me, but WHEN DID HE EVER HAVE “legitimacy”? As far as I can see, “legitimacy” can ONLY come through fair elections. ANY OTHER MEANS OF SECURING AND MAINTAINING POWER IS ILLEGITIMATE. But these gangster family regimes have brainwashed themselves into believing that they alone have the right to rule over millions of people.

Much of the world seems to agree; hence these gangster regimes are all in the UN; Gaddafi’s bunch of sadistic murderers were even elected to be Advisors on the Human Rights Committee. This was the ultimate symbol of Man’s utter confusion on morality in governance. KICK THESE BASTARDS OUT OF THE UN. OSTRACIZE THEM, SANCTION THEM. Then they can eventually choose whether to join the civilised world or remain pariahs. And YES, the group includes Saudi Arabia AND CHINA. Difficult? Yes, but TOO BAD. You either have morality or you acquiesce in evil. It seems pretty clear to me that we have done the latter for far too long.

Of course, the free world must STICK TOGETHER, not just undermine sanctions as many democratic countries did with Sadaam Hussein, or indeed as France did by maintaining the Exocet missiles of the Argentinian fascist junta during the Falklands War.

Dictatorship is the ultimate evil in its oppression of our fellow man. We must stand up to it.

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“The euro area faces a very challenging situation that comes mostly from the interconnection of the sovereign debt crisis and the situation of the banking sector,” the ECB said.

“comes mostly”???????? NO, it doesn’t. It comes mostly from the CRASS ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE AND LIES OF THE EU ELITE, who wanted Greece in the euro at ANY COST (which is of course OURS, and not THEIRS), and so disregarded the advice of their OWN economists who said that Greece couldn’t live in the euro with Germany. Apart from that, EVERYONE KNEW that Greece LIED about its finances in order to get into the euro. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A POLICY ALL BUILT ON ARROGANCE AND LIES?

Once Greece was in, it spent OUR money with gay abandon and greedy German, French and other banks were slavering at the bit to provide irresponsible loans.

EVEN NOW, nobody is admitting this, but blaming “the interconnection of the sovereign debt crisis and the situation of the banking sector”.

The EU establishment, many bankers and most country leaders are lying scum who cannot live within OUR means. but WE will pay the price.


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The Germans abandon Nuclear Power ….

Well, everyone goes through their potty cycle, and the Germans are certainly going through theirs at the moment:

A) They gave up the Deutschmark after a promise made by the EU that they’d NEVER have to bail out feckless over-borrowers AND that entry to the euro would ONLY go to those with smaller than 3% of GDP deficit AND that the rules would be strictly obeyed. Pretty stupid to fall for that load of lying tripe, eh? Hardly had the euro got under way when France went over 3% saying that the rule “was only intended for small countries”. Greece of course was never UNDER 3%.

B) They slagged off the Spanish for their infected cucumbers and caused them to lose MILLIONS in revenue when there was NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the Spanish were at fault. Now we’re told it’s German beansprouts that caused the problem … THANKS ….. I switched from cucumbers to a massive intake of German beansprouts thinking that they must be safe, being (1) German and (2) not cucumbers …… this could therefore be my last post ….. WHO CAN I SUE?

C) They have given up nuclear power ….. this DESPITE the fact that:

1) the last tsunami in Germany was around 90,000 BC and modern nuclear plants are vastly safer than the one that blew up in Japan, where they put the cooling generators BELOW the waterline of a possible tsunami. The Japanese are normally so clever, but nobody’s perfect ……

2) they CANNOT replace nuclear with bleedin’ wind turbines

3) the trillions of new wind turbines they’re going to build don’t WORK half the time because there’s no wind – and getting power from the North Sea down to the car factories in Stuttgart and Munich will mean vast power lines through pristine forest …….

4) the wind turbines they DO install will not be replacing CO2 emitting coal, but CLEAN nuclear fuel

5) they’ll need to import electricity from DIRTY power-stations in Eastern Europe and HA HA FRENCH NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS.

As I said, potty …… Oh, AND their increasingly-clearly-incompetent Chancelleress has agreed to bail out Greece AGAIN, despite the fact that it’s pointless. Greece WILL default eventually – I read today that the Boche are only doing it to put off the time when Greece defaults in the hope that the resulting hit on their own banks won’t be as bad as it would be today.

“I weep for the future.”

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E-Waste & the Law

BBC World put out a documentary yesterday about e-waste from the UK. This is discarded electronic equipment, a large part of which is televisions. The lasting image from the programme is of a young Ghanaian teenager  burning a whole bunch of wiring, the aim being to extract the raw copper, which earns him about $1 a day. His hands were black, pitted and scarred and no doubt his lungs were full of toxic fumes, as were those of the other kids scavenging the dump.

The destruction and/or recycling of electronic waste is dangerous, principally because of the toxic nature of many of the materials, including lead. This is why it is ILLEGAL to export it; it HAS to go to a specialist recycling centre in the UK. We saw one; the owner said a massive investment had been made in state-of-the-art processing facilities, but the plant was running at only around 40% capacity. Why? Because even today it is believed that over HALF of the e-waste produced in Britain is being illegally exported. It ends up in dumps in Nigeria, Ghana and other poor countries.

OK so far ….. NOW, the punishment for breaking this law about exporting e-waste is A) unlimited fines and B) up to two years’ imprisonment. However, according to the programme, NOBODY HAS EVER BEEN JAILED for breaking this law and the HIGHEST FINE EVER IMPOSED was ¬£12,500.

Those who complain about too many people being sent to jail should perhaps consider what the hell is going on here. Criminals are CALLOUSLY exporting toxic and dangerous material to poor countries KNOWING that people (children are people, too ……..) will be POISONED and in many cases have their health ruined FOR EVER.

The chances of the criminals getting caught are – it seems – small, and even if they ARE caught, the punishments cannot in ANY way be considered a deterrent. This situation is a MASSIVE betrayal of poor people – principally in Africa.

Toxic fumes waft across the dump ......

Many people – including me – will think the law is a sick joke. Wanting REALISTIC punishments which will act as a deterrent is not the mark of a “hang-em-high” Tory but the mark of a rational person who is disgusted by the – in this case British – exploitation and poisoning of the poor of another country. What is the POINT of (feeling good about) giving aid with the LEFT hand while the RIGHT hand is tolerating the poisoning of the poor?

So Mr Ken Clarke? Where do YOU stand on this?


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