Graft & Cronyism

25 May

Strauss-Kahn’s annual salary of $421,000 and a separate $75,000-a-year allowance, the spending of which does not have to be ‘certified or justified’, were negotiated in 2007.

These multi-national organisations are out of control – FIFA and the IOC are similar.

How come these people earn more than the President of the USA? Ashton and others in the EU are the same. Come to that, the former PM of IRELAND earned more than the USA President. Lucky for him he is not paid by results.

The people (especially those starving in the developing world, which the IMF is supposed to be helping) are being ripped off by the world’s small group of crony elites. When Mandelson RESIGNED from his post as EU Commissioner to become a Lord, he earned – for lording it over we plebs – £68,000 LESS than for the job he resigned from. For some bizarre reason, the EU (= YOU AND ME) is paying him this £68,000 for FOUR YEARS to compensate for his reduced salary from the job he RESIGNED from. YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP.

They’re ALL at it ……

Well, A) most people don’t seem to know or care and B) there seems to be no mechanism possible to do anything about it, so it will get worse.

Great ……..


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