25 May

What a sordid shambles when you get told off for speaking your mind! Even if you are elected by the people!

I have to say I sympathize on a personal level with Vince Cable …… life would of course be much simpler if everyone only said what they thought others wanted to hear. I believe that’s how they do it in dictatorships …….

(On that note, I see that a brave young woman who heckled NuttyYahboo about the Palestinian’s plight was wrestled to the ground and hospitalised by  pro-Israeli thugs around her during an address by the Great Annexer. Then NYB was roundly applauded for confirming his theft of Palestinian land, and this right in the heart of government in “the land of the free”. You have to laugh or cry – maybe both at the same time.)

But I digress …… Vince is a serial disappointment in general – the ultimate example of a loose cannon with no rudder – but I’m with him on this one …. in this case he was stating the bleedin’ obvious about Greece defaulting. Of course, even HE can’t use the word “default”, as it is VERY non EU-PC ….. but everyone knows that “delaying paying some of its debts” = defaulting, since the delay is likely to last till the next ice-age ….. ALL QUITE HILARIOUS really ….. some of us idiotic plebs said this YEARS ago. Still, we are only idiots.

Vince Cable rebuked by No 10 as he stirs euro crisis – George Osborne was forced to intervene yesterday after Vince Cable warned that Greece would have to delay paying some of its debts.

I am waiting for an announcement from Brussels about the Greek debt being “reprofiled” ….. Brusselsspeak is becoming a foreign language …… while RealSpeak is ever more NON-PC … Oh dear – I do feel like a dinosaur ….

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