Obama on Israel

16 May

I listen to Obama …. that rhetoric, those cadences; the studied pauses, the soundbite “Yes we can.” ….. and I struggle to find any real content.

Since 9/11, WHAT HAS THE US ACHIEVED ON PALESTINE? The latest achievement is to lose George Mitchell, who seems to have given up in despair at the lack of White House backing with any teeth.

OBL may have been a murderous religious nutter, but the problem is that in some areas he had a point …… In the 63 years since 1948, the plight of Palestinians who lost everything has not changed.

I compare the US glee expressed at his capture with the silence on the Palestine “peace talks”, during which Israel unfroze its settlement building.

And now many Palestinians have been shot dead by the Israeli army in the Golan Heights (occupied by Israel after the 67 war) and Ramallah in the West Bank. Why not just let them demonstrate? It would all have passed over …. instead, we have more deaths and bitterness.

And the Obama silence on Bahrein is deafening, as indeed is that of the F1 circus. No country and no individual can occupy the peak of the moral high ground, but the US is far down in the valley, picking and choosing its moral favourites with breathtaking unevenness.


2 responses to “Obama on Israel

  1. Jonathan GOLDBERG

    May 19, 2011 at 3:43 am

    I would like to respond specifically to the point about the Syrian and Lebanese Palestinians killed on the border with Israel. It is always difficult to know whether excessive force was used in any given case, particularly in a case like this where there are no independent observers. But the idea that the annual celebration of the NAKBA (tragedy) of the creation of the State of Israel should be given physical expression by persons from outside of Israel (in the case of the Syrians clearly used by the Syrian authorities as a distraction from their own brutalities) trying to break through the fence, represents a potential existentialist threat to Israel because, if conducted in increasing numbers, it could mean that the symbolism of wishing the destruction of the creation of Israel would be put into practical, physical effect.

  2. Chris Snuggs

    May 19, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Jonathan – what I was trying to say in my usual clumsy way is that it is overwhelmingly tragic that yet more people have to die simply for demanding to return to their land that has been stolen from them.

    I overwhelmingly supported Israel through many years but the truth seems to me that they have done nothing for the Palestinians whose land they have seized by conquest in contravention of numerous UN resolutions. Netanyahu has just announced the building of ANOTHER 1500 dwellings on Palestinian territory ……


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