Lies & Secrets R US

15 May

The EU elite has a neo-fascist mentality. They are supposed to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE, not follow their own agenda while treating the voters with utter contempt while they are about it.

They pay themselves LUDICROUS benefits (Dame Ashton is paid more than President Obama and pays FAR LESS TAX than the people who didn’t vote her into power) and this – far from giving us superior performance on our behalf – seems to make them think they can do what they want, how they want.

Nobody ASKED them to use our money in bailouts. Indeed, I thought bailouts were ILLEGAL according to their own rules. It is moreover STUPID to try to maintain Greece in the euro – QUITE LUDICROUS. Yet they seem to be willing to spend ANY AMOUNT of our money to do this.

Today’s “Telegraph”

Mr Juncker had already horrified many of his counterparts by openly bragging last month that he often “had to lie” to suppress public debate over eurozone econo-mic policies which, he claimed, were too important for open contemplation.

“I am for secret, dark debates,” he said. “When the going gets tough, you have to lie.”

The lies and the elite gathering sparked a furious response from euro members, as MPs in national parliaments demanded an explanation of what was going on. Gunther Krichbaum, the chairman of the Bundestag’s powerful European scrutiny committee, said that he had been “shocked and dismayed” at Mr Juncker’s deceit.

“That does not create trust on decision-making. That is a very serious mistake because trust is important,” he said.

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