15 May

EU ministers to meet in latest act of the euro soap-opera entitled:

“Fatuously trying to halt the EU-elite’s lemming surge
at taxpayers’ expense towards black-hole
economic and financial catastrophe”

Not exactly catchy, but it entirely encapsulates the plot.

EU watchers were divided last night on whether this was a comedy or tragedy. In the end, consensus was for tragi-comedy, with the EU elite laughing all the way to their fat pensions while the tragic plebs (why do they always get the tragic roles?) get mired in inflation and collapsing savings, jobs and currencies …..

I can’t decide whether to learn Arabic or Chinese. Sooner or later they will own everything and it will be an advantage to be able to communicate with our masters.

Apparently, the new ECB board will be made up of:

two Italians, one Portuguese, one Greek, one Belgian and one German

Not exactly reassuring ….. how will the lone German hold out against that lot? All that’s missing is an Irishman – and a member of the Labour Party of course (Is Gordon Brown free?).

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