DSK – Oh Dear …….

15 May

Oh Dear  …… you’d think that someone as rich and powerful as DSK would be able to find himself a bit of compliant totty without having to grope a hotel serving wench …

Not having been filthy rich myself I find it so hard to fathom the way these people think. As Geoffrey Archer said, “The Rich are Different”. (or was that Gilly Cooper?)

But he is of course an exceptional person – stinking rich yet seeking to be the number 1 socialist in France and share out all his wealth, though – cynic that I am – I can’t help thinking that his real aim is to share out all MY wealth – using this word in its widest possible sense.

But fair’s fair – “innocent until proven guilty” and all that …. even if he is French ….. it really is a tremendous hoot …. I suspect a touch of the French CREEP – a secret squad of French Secret Service agents setting up a sting to ensure DSK can’t pose a threat to Sarko’s reelection ….. the wench is probably a secret agent employed by the French right … I’d like to see a pic of her in her “working” clothes! How short was her skirt? How tight was her blouse?  Will it all come out in court?

Will Wikileaks expose it all? Will Sarko be arrested? (Ooops – can’t arrest a serving French President – they are too important – see Jacques Chirac, history of) Will Carla flounce off calling him “a pathetic little nerdish git”? (not news to us of course)

And poor old Angela!! About to discuss the second Greek bailout and turning up at the airport with no DSK in sight!!

“Vot haz ‘appened to DSK?” she fumes. “Vere iz he?”

“Sorry, your Chancelloressship – he’s just been arrested for rape!”

“Vell …. if that’s how he is going to behave perhaps I can consider myself fortunate ….”

I can’t imagine why people bother with “Eastenders”; politics is MUCH more fun …..

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One response to “DSK – Oh Dear …….

  1. kingofirony

    May 17, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    DSK’s First Night at Rikers….Details


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