02 May

Few would weep for Colonel Gaddafi, but targeting him is wrong

RUBBISH of course. “Might” IS right. Might is the ONLY thing that allowed Gaddafi to seize and hold power for 42 years. It is the ONLY thing that will remove him. It was NO DIFFERENT from Hitler. It is NOW no different in Syria, Bahrein and Yemen and elsewhere, including Saudi Arabia, Burma, North Korea and indeed China.

We may all WANT to live in a world of law, but WE DON’T. “International law”? Sanctioned by many despotic countries. The world’s biggest dictatorship (remember Tiananmen Square??) sits on the Security Council.

GADDAFI is responsible for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of deaths and maimings. How come it is “right” for him to indiscriminately shell civilians day after day yet NOT right to kill him? What a BIZARRE logic!  He is personally directing the “fight” (basically long-range random shelling) against “his” people.

HE HAS NO LEGITIMACY. He is NOT the “leader” of Libya. He is  MASS-MURDERING GANGSTER THUG; It is pretty despicable that people like the writer defend some sort of “law” that A) doesn’t exist and B) if it does is INDEFENSIBLE.

The ordinary people of Libya live in the REAL WORLD, not the comfy one of reporters, or indeed of judges sitting in a posh and above-all safe office in the Hague or somewhere.

What happened with EMPATHY with all these people? You’ve sitting under the incoming rockets and shells from Gaddafi’s gangster army. Your kids could be blown to pieces at ANY minute. Killing Gaddafi MIGHT stop it.

I’m with the VICTIMS of these criminal tyrants.

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