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Legal Farce

From “The Daily Mail”:

Two thirds of serial criminals dodge jail: Thousands with 15 convictions or more ‘let off’ with fines or community service

Instead of being put behind bars, more than 62,000 offenders were given the lesser punishments last year according to shocking new figures. On top of this more than 4,000 walked out of court with only a caution as the figures revealed that serial offenders are less likely to be given a jail sentence today than at any time in the past decade.

One suspects that those responsible for this laissez-faire attitude are not principally the same as those who suffer from it.

The bottom line is;

A) crime usually involves being NASTY to someone else and
B) nobody FORCES you to commit a crime; you make a deliberate choice

As things are going at the moment, the concept of “deterrent” and its place in a criminal’s decision about whether to commit a crime or not is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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Graft & Cronyism

Strauss-Kahn’s annual salary of $421,000 and a separate $75,000-a-year allowance, the spending of which does not have to be ‘certified or justified’, were negotiated in 2007.

These multi-national organisations are out of control – FIFA and the IOC are similar.

How come these people earn more than the President of the USA? Ashton and others in the EU are the same. Come to that, the former PM of IRELAND earned more than the USA President. Lucky for him he is not paid by results.

The people (especially those starving in the developing world, which the IMF is supposed to be helping) are being ripped off by the world’s small group of crony elites. When Mandelson RESIGNED from his post as EU Commissioner to become a Lord, he earned – for lording it over we plebs – £68,000 LESS than for the job he resigned from. For some bizarre reason, the EU (= YOU AND ME) is paying him this £68,000 for FOUR YEARS to compensate for his reduced salary from the job he RESIGNED from. YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP.

They’re ALL at it ……

Well, A) most people don’t seem to know or care and B) there seems to be no mechanism possible to do anything about it, so it will get worse.

Great ……..


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What a sordid shambles when you get told off for speaking your mind! Even if you are elected by the people!

I have to say I sympathize on a personal level with Vince Cable …… life would of course be much simpler if everyone only said what they thought others wanted to hear. I believe that’s how they do it in dictatorships …….

(On that note, I see that a brave young woman who heckled NuttyYahboo about the Palestinian’s plight was wrestled to the ground and hospitalised by  pro-Israeli thugs around her during an address by the Great Annexer. Then NYB was roundly applauded for confirming his theft of Palestinian land, and this right in the heart of government in “the land of the free”. You have to laugh or cry – maybe both at the same time.)

But I digress …… Vince is a serial disappointment in general – the ultimate example of a loose cannon with no rudder – but I’m with him on this one …. in this case he was stating the bleedin’ obvious about Greece defaulting. Of course, even HE can’t use the word “default”, as it is VERY non EU-PC ….. but everyone knows that “delaying paying some of its debts” = defaulting, since the delay is likely to last till the next ice-age ….. ALL QUITE HILARIOUS really ….. some of us idiotic plebs said this YEARS ago. Still, we are only idiots.

Vince Cable rebuked by No 10 as he stirs euro crisis – George Osborne was forced to intervene yesterday after Vince Cable warned that Greece would have to delay paying some of its debts.

I am waiting for an announcement from Brussels about the Greek debt being “reprofiled” ….. Brusselsspeak is becoming a foreign language …… while RealSpeak is ever more NON-PC … Oh dear – I do feel like a dinosaur ….

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The Self-Delusional Juncker

These people REALLY do take the biscuit. Here is the latest blather from Mr Juncker, quoted on the BBC Website here:

“In the case of a national bankruptcy with a subsequent debt restructuring, we would be letting a genie out of the bottle without knowing in which direction it would be flying,” he warned.

PRICELESS! It is astonishing how these people are so severely suffering from self-delusion. No, Mr Juncker, the genie was let out of the bottle WHEN THE EURO WAS LAUNCHED, because you allowed Greece to enter it when:

A) Your OWN economists previously told you that Greece couldn’t live in the euro alongside Germany.
B) Greece in ANY case lied about its budget position in order to get in.
C) You MUST HAVE KNOWN B, since it was common knowledge in the press at the time.
D) The Germans were PROMISED the criteria would be strictly followed and that they’d never have to bail out any feckless, cheating and irresponsible states that might mess up. (Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and France no doubt eventually)

Your propaganda DOES NOT WORK any better than the euro. The euro COULD have worked with more honest and competent people behind it instead of the vainglorious United-States-of-Europe aspirationalists that rule us UNELECTED in Brussels.

Basically, you have BETRAYED the taxpayers of Europe. You LIED, and now you want us to bail you out AGAIN. How long do you think you can go on with this charade?

LIES? I love this bit in relation to the regional elections in Spain:

“Analysts say that with control of some heavily indebted regional governments changing hands, there are fears that hidden financial problems may be unearthed by the incoming administrations.”

Really? “hidden financial problems”? Does the writer mean like those of Portugal, where the Prime Minister said: “Some costs were kept off the balance sheet.”

We’ll see …. will incoming administrations in the Spanish regions ALSO lie? Someone, somewhere, sometime has to STOP LYING. Maybe it will be the same people who STOP BORROWING  and building up debt they can never repay.

And why SHOULD the Greek people have to suffer terrible austerity because of the LIES and INCOMPETENCE of the elite of Europe? WE DESERVE BETTER MR JUNCKER, and please, let’s have LESS of this “taking difficult decisions in secret” nonsense. Do you ever remember who PAYS you? Do you even CARE what they think or want?


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Excellent report on BBC World this morning.

It seems that the Bosch are very cross with the Greeks, since the latter – even though their plebs have been suffering mightily – have done little on the “restructuring” side.

“Restructuring” is of course Eurospeak for “eliminating all those civil servant non-jobs doled out by successive governments in a usually-successful but ultimately ruinous bid to win the votes of those getting a state salary and vast pension for few hours spent doing little work of any use.”

So, the Greeks haven’t cut public spending, the debt isn’t going down but up, their credit rating is going down, their interest rates going up ….. as many ups and downs as a yo-yo …..

The Bosch are increasingly disinclined to pay for all this – Merkel seems to be out on a limb surrounded by revolting ministers. However,

A) Greece cannot be allowed to default (We lent them too much and if they default we’ll lose it all as well as looking stupid – of course, we ARE stupid but the important thing is not to LOOK it.) but

B) It has no chance of not defaulting.

How the headless chickens of Brussels will resolve that one is a mystery, but a European Head of the IMF will certainly help, as then the IMF could lend more money to Greece to pay more of its debts … Yes, it is surreal. “I am in vast debt, so I borrow vast sums of money to try to pay my debts but in doing so vastly increase my debt.”

But in truth, they should rename the IMF to EBF (“European Bailout Fund”) – anyone remember that it was designed to help DEVELOPING COUNTRIES?

Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg could come to the rescue with not a “rescheduling” of Greek debt but a “reprofiling” of it. However, only HE seems to understand the difference between the two. Clearly he hasn’t read Shakespeare “A rose is a rose …” etc

Lewis Carrol would have had a field day  with all this.

PS “Putting billions into non-jobs in the civil service so that the grateful recipients will vote for you in the short-term while the country slowly sinks into unsustainable debt, by which time you’ll have retired to your vast pension and lecture-tour on ‘How I saved the World'”?

Seems vaguely familiar …. now WHERE have I heard of that before? Which reminds me – the GOOD news!! GB seems unlikely to become Head of the IMF.

PPS Oh, the “markets” will get the blame ……… well, someone has to, and it won’t be the people responsible!


40% youth unemployment under a socialist government – sounds about normal to me …..


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The WHOLE POINT of the BofE’s Monetary Policy Committee is to control inflation. It is NOT their job to deliberate on economic policy, possible recession and so on.

They are supposed to keep inflation at 2% max; They have FAILED. They should ALL BE SACKED.

The Governor said: “It would have been below 2% without higher energy and import prices.”  SO WHAT! It’s as useful as me saying that I wouldn’t weigh 30 stone if I didn’t live on 25 burgers and 10 pizzas a day washed down with 20 pints of beer.

The reason why inflation is so terrible is that it DESTROYS the value of the plebs’ money, since their income is BOUND to rise more slowly than inflation. It is like a VAST TAX INCREASE.

And it ALSO reduces DEBT – which suits bankers and governments, but THEY are responsible for the debt in the first place, not the plebs.

Inflation is NOT the answer to the problem, though it might appear so to economists in the short term.

But what gets me is the flagrant breaking of rules just because things are difficult. What is the POINT of having rules if you break them just when things get tough?

4.5% inflation is VERY bad news …. the Governor of the BofE should GO.


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Today we have a wonderful “feel-good” factor to enjoy ….. helping your fellow-man always makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Someone worse off than you will have their problems eased, thanks to you ….. BLISS.

And it’s ONLY costing each family in Britain £500, too!! Not in real money of course – we haven’t GOT any of that – no, it’s more borrowed money …… BRILLIANT. Why use real money when you can borrow it!! Did Gordon Brown get it right after all?

The Chancellor and finance ministers agreed a Europe-wide £68billion deal to prop up the single currency by rescuing Portugal, costing UK taxpayers £4.3billion, or £500 per family.

AND IT’S NOT OVER …. Soon Greek Bailout Number 2 will roll along, since Greece can’t pay its debts (even as the Greek plebs riot over austerity measures) as predicted by the “Snuggs Lunatic Predictions Think-Tank” a LONG while ago …… to general derision of course.

So, EITHER they default OR we give them ANOTHER bung – after which everything will be OK and they’ll be able to pay off all their debts ….

… well, I might have got that last bit wrong – still, if we have a Greek bailout every year we’ll feel so much better, won’t we? How much longer the Germans will feel better is a moot point …… there’s a lot of grumbling over here, and not just by me ….

But thank God for brilliant minds like Jean-Claude Juncker. He won’t contemplate a default or a restructuring (blocked by the French) so he’s proposing a “REPROFILING” of the debt!!!

Why does this sound to me like rebadging Leyland as BL? Does ANYONE actually KNOW what “reprofiling” means, or is it “default” in camouflage? Why didn’t we learn EUROSPEAK at school? It would have been a bloody sight more useful than latin.

I would like to “reprofile” Herr Juncker into a boot-camp on Salisbury Plain …… but then I am just nasty ….

PS Did one have a sneaking sympathy for DSK, unshaven, haggard, handcuffed and looking right pissed off  and yet in theory still innocent but now on Ryker’s Island?

As for the French presidency, I can’t imagine why the French are so bothered about having a criminal as President. They should be used to it by now.


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