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Cuba About-Turn (and About Time)

Blimey – a counter-revolutionary; Stalin would have had him shot:

a scolding from Raul Castro that the sclerotic habits of a geriatric government and a centrally planned economy must end.

The most interesting question is, will brainless, long-term and uncritical sheep-like “everyone is happy” CCP followers cling to the old model or latch on eagerly to the new one? They BOTH can’t be “right”, surely?

And will the people rise up claiming that their revolution is being stolen (and of course be brutally put down with journalists being locked up) or enthusiastically adopt the New Cuban Capitalism? (henceforth NCC)

And if it all goes pear-shaped will the USA get the blame? Silly question perhaps.

Still, some people’s rigid mindsets are in for a bit of a battering ….

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Greek Default & the EU

Furious Greeks press for country to default on debt

It has been obvious from the beginning that Greece has no choice but to default – obvious to all but the EU elite of course, who have more face-saving to do than the Chinese.

The EU lies about Greece from the VERY BEGINNING of the euro are a disgrace. Still, there appears to be no practicable mechanism for changing anything and so they plough on doing more or less as they please. MEPs of course don’t kick up much of a stink as they are doing very nicely out of the gravy train, thankyou.

This is of course similar to certain countries in Africa, where any potential stroppiness and opposition to the leadership venality is bought off with oil-money – or in Europe’s case our taxes.

The whole thing is a shambles of very clever corruption – subtle so that the masses don’t get it and revolt, but corruption nonetheless.

By the way, I can’t find ANYONE willing and/or able to tell me why the EU is spending our taxes on financing US organisations opposed to Capital Punishment. What BUSINESS is it of the EU what a democratic state does within its borders? WHO ASKED THEM to spend OUR money on political propaganda?


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The Cuban Congress

The Cuban Congress…

Always good for a laugh of course ….. apparently they are now preparing “economic reforms”.

Translating this into “truthspeak” you get: “Well, we failed for 50 years to put in place basic economic measures used the world over to create wealth. As a consequence, our people have remained poor. Still, poverty is good for the soul, which is why our people are so happy. However, permanent happiness is boring so we’re now going to have economic reforms and become better-off but of course unhappier.

By the way, the people don’t have any say in all this as usual.”

And Raul is ALSO proposing limited terms for leaders! WOW! Of course, a moron could have told him 50 years ago that this was wise, since having the same leader for decades leades to stagnation and ossification at best and Stalinesque-Hussein-Gaddafi-style tyranny at worst. Still, it does take some people 50 years to grasp the bleedin’ obvious.

But the HILARIOUS thing is that this new “you can only be leader for a limited time” is being introduced when the Castros only have a few years to live! How STRANGE that they didn’t introduce it DECADES ago – or not so strange.

It remains to be seen whether YOUNGER Cuban Communist Party members who might have their eye on doing a Castro 50-year rule will be HAPPY with this leadership limit …… some bright young spark might think that what was good enough for the Castros is good enough for him. And who knows WHAT that might bring? A Cuban Sadaam Hussein – or Stalin. And once they’ve seized power, you can’t get rid of them, unless of course the Yanks come to save you as usual.

But that is very non-PC these days, which is why the people of Miseratu are being slaughtered.

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Gordon Brown and the IMF

Gordon Brown should be the next managing director of the International Monetary Fund …

Surreal – in which other field of work except politics could you make the most almighty cock-up through total incompetence but still hope to get a highly-paid, high-flying and responsible job in the same field?

This is all corruption – cronies awarding each other plum jobs at silly salaries. No wonder the west is in a mess.

Same with the EU. You fail totally and/or achieve nothing whatsoever in politics in the UK yet are given a top job in Brussels at a salary higher than President Obama – and of course for a non-job. What is the POINT of Dame Ashton? The EU is NOT A COUNTRY anyway.

All a complete farce. Brown was a total and utter disaster. Anyone LESS suited as an “advisor” on and manager of money is hard to imagine. It’s about as sensible as the UN electing Gaddafi to be an advisor to the UN Human Rights Council.

Oh, Mr Prosser – stop this silly “the predictable discomfort of assorted right-wingers” nonsense. This is nothing to do with being “left” or “right”, just of having two brain cells and having lived through Brown’s insane stewardship of the British economy. As for his achievements on “growth”, these were based on a humungous credit and borrowing binge, both public and private.  Any idiot can achieve growth on that basis for a few years, until the whole pack of cards comes crashing down as we have seen.


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The African Disunion

The African Union – great stuff. Let’s see if I’ve got it right – in TRUTHSPEAK of course:


A) “We’ve been oppressing and murdering you for forty-two years without the slightest semblance whatsoever of any form of democracy and in recent weeks because you dared to protest about this we have employed hundreds of foreign mercenaries to kill you indiscriminately as well as employing tanks and artillery to destroy your cities and terrorize you as fast as possible into accepting our murderous rule.”

B) “Even though we are fascist scum wanted for Crimes against Humanity by the United Nations no less we are now accepting a full transition to democracy to fulfil the demands of the people and we will naturally stay in power to oversee this.”

C) “What the people are demanding are freedom and justice. The latter will clearly involve all those guilty of indiscriminate murder (my family in particular) being arrested by the future new government that we will oversee the setting up of. Once a new government is in place that demands our immediate arrest and trial then of course we will submit to the will of the people.”

Is that about it?

Right – now this plan is to be sold to the people of Libya. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, then. The chances of success seem to make flying pigs an absolute certainty in comparison.

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Gaddafi’s “Support”

Dictators who won’t respect the majority will ….. (do any?)

All the appalling chaos and bloodshed in Ivory Coast is the fault of Gbagbo who did not go gracefully when he lost the election that the UN stated was free and fair and who is now whipping up his supporters into a frenzy of anti-sectarian hatred, much as happened in Rwanda.

There will be no peace in the world until it is rid of dictators who think they have the right to rule other people’s lives and who are the cause of immense misery, suffering and often premature and violent death to millions of people.

It is the moral duty of all free people to fight where possible to rid the world of this scum oppressing their fellow-humans. Anyone DEFENDING a dictatorship is as morally bankrupt as the dictatorship itself. Such people involved in and/or defending dictatorships have removed themselves from the mainstream of humanity and all that is best – or could be – about the Human Spirit.

Fundamentalist Islam is of course in the vanguard of this loss of humanity, supporting as it does the dictatorship of religion. That democracies themselves are not perfect is no reason to defend dictatorships.

“GADDAFI HAS MORE SUPPORT THAN WE THINK.” –  Really? Only a complete moron could spout such rubbish.

A) How do we know about Gaddafi”s “support”? Only a secret BALLOT BOX could tell us this. Dictators don’t do free and fair elections.

B) Much of his “support” is from foreign mercenaries used as I write to snipe to death ordinary civilians in Miseratu.

C) Most of his “supporters” were born and have grown up knowing NOTHING ELSE but his murderous regime, except that for those of course who received the money and favours it obviously seems “a good thing”.

D) Anyone showing anything BUT “support” in areas his men control risks torture and death. Hardly surprising such areas are quiescent. Where people HAVE dared to rise up, they have been mercilessly eliminated, and there are LOTS of towns even in WESTERN Libya where this has happened, as it still is happening in Miseratu.


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