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20 Apr

Crikey! The Iraqi Information Minister has reappeared:

“There is no bombardment from the armed forces on Misrata, none at all. There are pockets of resistance, but other areas are peaceful. There is no fighting in Misrata.”

I hope to live long enough to hear him say “There are no tanks outside Gaddafi’s tent.”

The UN? Funny old place …… where are the strong condemnations of Yemen, Bahrein, Syria, Saudi Arabia?

The latter even has the dreaded “boots on the ground” in Bahrein to oppress Shia demanding justice, but doesn’t even get a mild rebuke. How the hell did the UN manage to pass the “no-fly” resolution in Libya? Were the Russians and Chinese off playing golf perhaps?

The Daily Mail informs me that “Muslims against Crusades” are going to muck up the Royal Wedding big time, unless the police manage to arrest them all in advance and lock them up for the day.

Funny old world indeed. Where is the “Muslims against Oppression and murder of Muslims by Muslims?”

It’s like blacks on blacks – South Africa ignores Mugabe for decades but if any WHITES were involved all hell would be let loose. If THAT isn’t racism, I don’t know what is.

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