Castroan Mea Culpa

19 Apr

Cretins – Anyone with a single E at GCSE could have told the Castro double-clown act this self-evident truth decades ago.

“The time that we have left is short, and the work that we have to do is gigantic,” Mr Castro announced recently, as he conceded that changes which would once have been viewed as a heretical embrace of capitalism were desperately needed.

For FIFTY YEARS Castro has subjected “his” people to repeated hour-long rants about the evils of capitalism, but is now embracing it – or of course its BEST bits, which is all that ANYONE would want.

I am carefully listening for an apology from the Castros to their people ….. probably in vain ….

“cretins”? Well, it’s FAIR, isn’t it?

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Posted by on April 19, 2011 in Politics


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