Cuba About-Turn (and About Time)

18 Apr

Blimey – a counter-revolutionary; Stalin would have had him shot:

a scolding from Raul Castro that the sclerotic habits of a geriatric government and a centrally planned economy must end.

The most interesting question is, will brainless, long-term and uncritical sheep-like “everyone is happy” CCP followers cling to the old model or latch on eagerly to the new one? They BOTH can’t be “right”, surely?

And will the people rise up claiming that their revolution is being stolen (and of course be brutally put down with journalists being locked up) or enthusiastically adopt the New Cuban Capitalism? (henceforth NCC)

And if it all goes pear-shaped will the USA get the blame? Silly question perhaps.

Still, some people’s rigid mindsets are in for a bit of a battering ….

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Posted by on April 18, 2011 in Politics


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