The Cuban Congress

17 Apr

The Cuban Congress…

Always good for a laugh of course ….. apparently they are now preparing “economic reforms”.

Translating this into “truthspeak” you get: “Well, we failed for 50 years to put in place basic economic measures used the world over to create wealth. As a consequence, our people have remained poor. Still, poverty is good for the soul, which is why our people are so happy. However, permanent happiness is boring so we’re now going to have economic reforms and become better-off but of course unhappier.

By the way, the people don’t have any say in all this as usual.”

And Raul is ALSO proposing limited terms for leaders! WOW! Of course, a moron could have told him 50 years ago that this was wise, since having the same leader for decades leades to stagnation and ossification at best and Stalinesque-Hussein-Gaddafi-style tyranny at worst. Still, it does take some people 50 years to grasp the bleedin’ obvious.

But the HILARIOUS thing is that this new “you can only be leader for a limited time” is being introduced when the Castros only have a few years to live! How STRANGE that they didn’t introduce it DECADES ago – or not so strange.

It remains to be seen whether YOUNGER Cuban Communist Party members who might have their eye on doing a Castro 50-year rule will be HAPPY with this leadership limit …… some bright young spark might think that what was good enough for the Castros is good enough for him. And who knows WHAT that might bring? A Cuban Sadaam Hussein – or Stalin. And once they’ve seized power, you can’t get rid of them, unless of course the Yanks come to save you as usual.

But that is very non-PC these days, which is why the people of Miseratu are being slaughtered.

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