Greek Default & the EU

17 Apr

Furious Greeks press for country to default on debt

It has been obvious from the beginning that Greece has no choice but to default – obvious to all but the EU elite of course, who have more face-saving to do than the Chinese.

The EU lies about Greece from the VERY BEGINNING of the euro are a disgrace. Still, there appears to be no practicable mechanism for changing anything and so they plough on doing more or less as they please. MEPs of course don’t kick up much of a stink as they are doing very nicely out of the gravy train, thankyou.

This is of course similar to certain countries in Africa, where any potential stroppiness and opposition to the leadership venality is bought off with oil-money – or in Europe’s case our taxes.

The whole thing is a shambles of very clever corruption – subtle so that the masses don’t get it and revolt, but corruption nonetheless.

By the way, I can’t find ANYONE willing and/or able to tell me why the EU is spending our taxes on financing US organisations opposed to Capital Punishment. What BUSINESS is it of the EU what a democratic state does within its borders? WHO ASKED THEM to spend OUR money on political propaganda?


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