Gordon Brown and the IMF

15 Apr

Gordon Brown should be the next managing director of the International Monetary Fund …

Surreal – in which other field of work except politics could you make the most almighty cock-up through total incompetence but still hope to get a highly-paid, high-flying and responsible job in the same field?

This is all corruption – cronies awarding each other plum jobs at silly salaries. No wonder the west is in a mess.

Same with the EU. You fail totally and/or achieve nothing whatsoever in politics in the UK yet are given a top job in Brussels at a salary higher than President Obama – and of course for a non-job. What is the POINT of Dame Ashton? The EU is NOT A COUNTRY anyway.

All a complete farce. Brown was a total and utter disaster. Anyone LESS suited as an “advisor” on and manager of money is hard to imagine. It’s about as sensible as the UN electing Gaddafi to be an advisor to the UN Human Rights Council.

Oh, Mr Prosser – stop this silly “the predictable discomfort of assorted right-wingers” nonsense. This is nothing to do with being “left” or “right”, just of having two brain cells and having lived through Brown’s insane stewardship of the British economy. As for his achievements on “growth”, these were based on a humungous credit and borrowing binge, both public and private.  Any idiot can achieve growth on that basis for a few years, until the whole pack of cards comes crashing down as we have seen.


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