The African Disunion

11 Apr

The African Union – great stuff. Let’s see if I’ve got it right – in TRUTHSPEAK of course:


A) “We’ve been oppressing and murdering you for forty-two years without the slightest semblance whatsoever of any form of democracy and in recent weeks because you dared to protest about this we have employed hundreds of foreign mercenaries to kill you indiscriminately as well as employing tanks and artillery to destroy your cities and terrorize you as fast as possible into accepting our murderous rule.”

B) “Even though we are fascist scum wanted for Crimes against Humanity by the United Nations no less we are now accepting a full transition to democracy to fulfil the demands of the people and we will naturally stay in power to oversee this.”

C) “What the people are demanding are freedom and justice. The latter will clearly involve all those guilty of indiscriminate murder (my family in particular) being arrested by the future new government that we will oversee the setting up of. Once a new government is in place that demands our immediate arrest and trial then of course we will submit to the will of the people.”

Is that about it?

Right – now this plan is to be sold to the people of Libya. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, then. The chances of success seem to make flying pigs an absolute certainty in comparison.

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